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Tony # Posted on May 15, 2018 at 5:22 am

Hi there,

Thanks, but we do not want to use a trial version of a plugin that is mentioned as unstable.

May I ask where it states that master (which is the branch you would be downloading) is unstable? With our development workflow, we try keep master release ready, so all testing is done against master branch.

The german translation for this button cannot be found via the po file.

Sure it is, the button is broken out to cover various different combinations with how users setup EE, with the flexibility, comes more complications in how we can translate those buttons.

So as mentioned we break down the strings to allow for flexibility and that particular button is using 2 strings right now.

The first part is Proceed to %s see HERE

The %s is a place holder that is replaced depending on the context of the button, for your specific context it’s using Finalize Registration, see HERE

So to change Registrierung abschließen you can change the translation for Finalize Registration in your PO file.

I was able to change other text areas, but not this one. I found several older posts about how to change the register button via a custom function plugin – I tried to catch both English and German words via the custom plugin in various variations, but it does not seem to catch anything:

‘Fuzzy’ translations like that will not work with WordPress (and therefor EE).

The function you have now translated the string ‘Register’ to ‘Weiter zur Buchung’, but that will not change the string ‘Register Now!’ to ‘Weiter zur Buchung Now!’ as the original string must match exactly.

It seems really complicated having to translate buttons like this…

If you have any feedback on how you would like to translate the strings differently and still allow for the flexibility needed on those buttons I’ll happily pass that along to the developers.

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