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MINTvision # Posted on May 15, 2018 at 4:28 am

Hi Josh,

Thanks, but we do not want to use a trial version of a plugin that is mentioned as unstable.

Also, I am now finding that the translation of the red registration button (Weiter zur Registrierung) on the checkout page is not working out for us, as it should be called “booking = Buchung” in German rather than “registration”:

The german translation for this button cannot be found via the po file. I was able to change other text areas, but not this one. I found several older posts about how to change the register button via a custom function plugin – I tried to catch both English and German words via the custom plugin in various variations, but it does not seem to catch anything:

Is this approach still working for EE4?

It seems really complicated having to translate buttons like this…

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