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Josh # Posted on May 14, 2018 at 4:16 pm

Hi there,

1. When attempting to register and add an event to cart, I often receive this error: “We’re sorry, but your ticket selections could not be processed due to a server timing error. Please hit the back button on your browser and try again.”

This is usually caused by caching where the timestamp on the ticket selector is over an hour old. If you have a caching plugin activated you can add an exclusion for any page with the ticket selector (usually any page with /events/ in the URL).

3. When on mobile, the calendar add-on does not seem to display properly:
3.1 The tooltip doesn’t always show up on click, and when it does, only the paragraph titles show up and the content is missing. Image here.
3.2 Clicking on “+ View More” changes the calendar view to a single-day view, and no content shows up. I would like to keep the calendar always in month view. I’ve adjusted the calendar settings and it works great on desktop, but not mobile. Image here.

The calendar wasn’t developed for mobile (small screen) views, there’s a suggestion outlined in the calendar documentation that shows how to serve an event list instead of the full calendar to small screens:

4. When on mobile, the grid add-on doesn’t seem to be clickable, and I can’t find a way to center the grid within the container / column. Image here.

Are you using the Grid shortcode within the page content or is the shortcode being used within a page builder outside of the main content? If you can post a link to the page we in question we can investigate further.

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