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Tony # Posted on May 14, 2018 at 8:22 am

Hi Jarred,

So, it has to be a way to just offer a special registration link or something that will allow them to go online, register and mark pay in person

Currently, we don’t have any way to hide payment methods but then display them for specific users so you’ll need some custom code to do what you need.

and then auto approve the registration like always

Just to note, ‘Auto-approve’ only happens in 2 situations:

1) The total amount due is paid using an online payment method, the payment updates the transaction to complete which in turn Approved the registration.

2) The user finalizes their registration after selecting an offline payment method AND the default registration status for the event is set to ‘Approved’.

(This is excluding all admin actions as admins can approve registrations whenever they want, the above is only in reference to user actions that trigger the registration status to change).

but then when we print the registration forms before class, we will see a column showing that person owes at the door.

You can see this with your setup, correct? As you can manually Approve a registration and leave the transaction incomplete, so Approved registrations with Incomplete transactions would be users that need to pay cash.

To answer your question there’s no easier way to do this built into EE other than having the user register, stop at payment and the admin Approve the registration, the admin place the registration from within the admin themselves or custom development to add a ‘hidden’ payment method.

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