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Josh # Posted on May 11, 2018 at 8:05 pm

You can edit the registration notification templates in Event Espresso > Messages > Default Message templates. Each message type will have at least one registrant context, and one event admin context. You’ll click through to edit the admin context. A number of things can cause the messages to no longer be received. The first place to check is the email address set in the To: field. If the email address set there isn’t correct, it will need to be corrected.

If the email address set in the To: field is correct, then they could check the spam folder of their email account. Other troubleshooting steps include:

Do a test send email on the email Message template editor page, do you receive the test?

You can install this plugin to verify whether the mail actually gets sent or not:

Oftentimes if the mail server is of the “built in with the shared hosting plan” type, there will be a built-in outbound spam filter (to protect the shared hosting customers email reputation in case one of the neighbors starts sending spam). These can be a bit overzealous and flag emails of a transactional nature.

In most cases, setting up a third party service to deliver email will resolve email delivery issues. The built-in mail servers (especially those that are used for shared hosting accounts) can be unreliable. We recommend using a service like Mandrill, Postmark, or any of the other services listed in our documentation for sending transactional email. More info here:

Alternatively, you could also use a gmail account and configure a plugin like the WP Mail SMTP plugin to send the emails.

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