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Tony # Posted on May 10, 2018 at 4:58 am

For a training, one person should only need one ticket, not two. Either the normal ticket, or if the user is a member, then the discounted member ticket.

If they can only access either one of those tickets at a time and you want to make sure they purchase 1 of that ticket then when using the snippet I linked to, you would need both of the ticket set to required, so it wasn’t a mistake. But…

Exactly, I followed your guidance to create a membership site and I assign the ‘um-member’ capability for those who purchase membership. There will still be lots of users who are logged in and can see their past registrations etc, but they will not have access to member prices and activities until they purchase the membership and get assigned the ‘um-member’ capability.

This changes things.

So what is the capability set on the ticket? Is it um-member or something else?

You’d want these logged in users that are not members to be able to access the ‘non-discount’ ticket?

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