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4ohelleah # Posted on May 4, 2018 at 6:47 pm

thought as much –
#2. the WP plugin has not been updated for 4 years – and it didn’t seem to work for me. Looked easy so went there first.

#3. Poedit – search and replace not working but better that way going thru one line at a time and replacing ‘Register’ with ‘Register or Donate’ same with ‘Attendee or Donor’ etc seems best – am halfway thru BUT – when I save it I get warnings that there are now items marked in red that will not work even tho they did save it – seems to largely be about payments but am afraid to replace the existing file once I finish – do you know what this is about – I didn’t change any text that has to do with payments – am working with Edit a Translation – should I be using Create New Translation?

Error message:
Entries with errors were marked in red in the list. Details of the error will be shown when you select such an entry.
The file was saved safely and compiled into the MO format, but it will probably not work correctly.

Due to risk management related reasons Luottokunta ePayment Service does not accept this kind of transaction, but immediately sends the authorisation reversal to the card issuer.
Do not retry the transaction, as it will most likely result in the same outcome. The payment card cannot be used to pay through Luottokunta ePayment Service.
The time that authorisation reversal requires varies and is dependent on the card issuer. In case the payment card still has a money reservation, you can advice the cardholder to contact his/her card issuer for more detailed information.

then: !’msgid’ and ‘msgstr’ entries do not both end with’\n’ and in the translation box a red ‘\n’

have not used ‘\n’ anywhere tho I have used a ‘/’ often.


B. And question #2 have made some changes to the pay by check method and one other to allow people to select WorldPay – Pay by check – or charge my Account, should i copy that text over before I overwrite the MO file?


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