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Tony # Posted on May 1, 2018 at 3:41 am

I contacted several of the Event Espresso developers and I have not been replied to so it has been challenging.

I’m sorry they’ve not replied to you. We list developers who are familiar with EE on the pro’s page but don’t have any other association with them so I can’t give you any answers as to why that is the case, unfortunately.

My developer is not aware of this plug in and wants me to move to another product as he noted EE3 it was possible to create this feature but not with EE4.

What makes the developer think this isn’t possible? It is possible, it’s just not something we have out of the box.

So when I have all of my events, I need a drop down for a consumer to search by state.

That output looks similar to the table view template –

Although that doesn’t sort by state your developer could add some code to the template to do so in a similar way to how the category filter works now (or any other method they prefer to use).

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