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Tony # Posted on April 30, 2018 at 5:47 am

Hi there,

Event Espresso does not officially support ‘donations’, it can be used for them, but not in a ‘pay what you want’ context so it does not work for all use cases.

May I ask why you are using EE3 rather than EE4? Does EE4 not support your use case?

You could setup EE4 with multiple ticket options within a single event to allow for donations

Admission = Free
Admission + HK$100 Donation = HK$100
Admission + HK$200 Donation = HK$200

and so on, the user then selects the donation they want to submit and registers onto the event in one go.

Would that not work for you?

Whilst we can help you work through the changes required for EE3 to not sure ‘Registration’, all of our development time for new features is happening on EE4, EE3 will eventually be phased out.

There are cases were EE3 fits better than EE4 and we will continue to support it, but based on your current setup it sounds like EE4 will work for you?

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