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Tony # Posted on April 30, 2018 at 3:55 am

Hi Derek,

I checked on your site and can see you’re using Mijireh so here’s a quick explanation of why this happens:

I’ve seen it a few times now that when someone pays, the status isn’t updated to approved – it’s still payment pending. And when I go to view the transaction details, all of a sudden it’s approved.

Mijireh works differently from a lot of other payment methods, when you select Mijireh you are sent to their servers to make the payment (which is made in full) and then Mijireh send you back to your site. Most payment methods send the payment status back with the user but Mijireh do not, so when the user is sent back to your site, EE needs to ‘ping’ Mijireh to confirm the payment status.

Later on if you view an EE transaction that is linked to Mijireh and set as Incomplete EE will ping Mijireh to confirm if any payments on that transaction have been Approved.

That means that when the user made the payment, either the ping to Mijireh failed, or at the time the ping was made the payment status on Mijireh’s end was still not complete. However when you viewed the transaction and EE pinged Mijireh for the payments, at least one was ‘complete’ and EE updated the transaction automatically.

All of the above doesn’t fix anything but at least lets you know why.

This is a rare occurrence, but has happened a few times – I’d say maybe 5 times over the 1,100 registrations we’ve processed. We have received registrations after the above.

When was the last registration this happened on made on your site?

We can check the logs to see if it if shows either a failed request (meaning its something on the site), or a response from Mijireh showing the payment was not complete (meaning its something on Mijireh’s end).

However, just in case you are not aware, Mijireh has now changed to Cloudswipe and also changed how their integration works (users with ‘Mijireh accounts’ continue to work as they did, but new users are set up on Cloudswipe)and EE doesn’t have an integration with CloudSwipe (they are apparently working on one).

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