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Tony # Posted on April 25, 2018 at 2:36 am

When I click on the “Upload Image” button and upload a logo (or select an existing one). I cannot insert/set it by clicking the “Insert Into Post” button in the media library. If I do, nothing happens which is why I skipped it.

That usually happens when something changes the wp setting image_default_link_type to none, you can check this by opening up {domain}/wp-admin/options.php

Search for ‘image_default_link_type’ and see what value is set for it, the default is ‘file’.

If it is set to something else, then something on your site updated the option and expects it to be that way, so I don’t recommend changing it but it’s easy enough to work around.

When you select the image and show the options, ‘File URL’ will be empty –

That’s the field passed over to the text field so if it’s empty you get nothing, if the above option was ‘file’ you would have a URL to your image in that field by default and then clicking ‘Insert into Post’ works. If it’s empty just click on the ‘File URL’ button just below it and the field should populate with the URL, then click insert into post –

I didn’t know I could also set it by pasting the URL into the “Upload New Logo” text field (since it’s not intuitive due to the field name).

May I ask what you would prefer the field was named?

It’s essentially just a text field that holds the URL, you can put whatever you want there. WP provides the media library and that’s what the majority of people will use but there’s nothing we can do to prevent the above issue without likely conflicting with other plugins (any plugin which alters the above option), you can also add a URL to an external image in that field if preferred.

I forgot to mention the above post is related to the company logo settings by going to Event Espresso -> General Settings -> Company Logo, not the logo set in the app customization area.

Strange, if you have that problem in General Settings you should also see the same on App customization.

Here’s some info you may want to add to your installation documentation for windows systems…

Whilst we appreciate you taking the time to post the cause and solution, officially we don’t support windows installs so we don’t have any Windows documentation to add that to but I’m glad its now working for you.

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