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Tony # Posted on April 23, 2018 at 3:13 am

Hi Cyrop,

– Is it possible to have a link to attendee info only if the user has already registered to an event? Which is the shortcut for that link?

I’m assuming your users need to log into a user account when registering? If s you can use the WP User Integration add-on to create a ‘my events’ section that has a link to the attendee info.

If not, where are you looking to include this link?

– Is there any function to change the label of the event register button if the user is already registered?

The register now button runs through a filter, so you can change the text but we don’t have an example function of how to do that based on previous registrations.

The filter you can use is FHEE__EE_Ticket_Selector__display_ticket_selector_submit__btn_text.

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