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Tony # Posted on April 19, 2018 at 4:19 am

ok, when i click here :
I get this page :

Hmm, ok, so that is the full error.

If you activate EE, go to Event Espresso -> Maintenance -> Reset/Delete Data

Click the ‘Reset Event Espresso Capabilities’ button.

Maybe this error can help you. When i active event espresso, i have some conflict :
in first for my header theme the head of my page is brought up under the menu :
Before :
After :ès.jpg

EE injects some elements into the page and if the theme is targeting specific elements using nth-child, or first-child selectors those elements can cause problems with those. I’ll need to see the page with EE activated to see what is happening.

then i have a problem with my extension teambooking, my button of reservation is gone : and this extension is very important for me for our individual reservation. Do you know why ?

I’d need to see what is happening on the page, can you activate EE so I can take a look?

If you prefer not to do that on the live site (as it will effect your users), can you create a development copy of the site we can view?

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