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Tony # Posted on April 18, 2018 at 10:12 am

I believe you should have received an email that told you that your approval was pending. Can you tell me if that ever came though? If not, we need to fix that.

I just checked and I’ve had no emails at all from your site.

I did just notice that the “send related messages” was marked “no”. I have changed that to “yes”. That was probably the issue on that little problem.

Well… scratch that. I moved away from your reg status page and then back again and the status for sending the messages went back to “no”. So, I’m not sure that behavior is working as it is supposed to or not.

You (the admin) may want to change the status of a registration, but not send the emails when doing so, which is what that setting is for. It will default to no on each page load, but if you change the registration status and leave that unchecked, no messages are triggered, if you change the reg status and check that box before clicking update, it tells EE to trigger the messages for the registration change.

Make sense?

Honestly, the information they get right after registration seem enough for me. Can you think of a reason they would need to receive a message that tells them they are awaiting approval?

There could be lots of reasons, but if you’ve set a registration to ‘Not Approved’ generally you’ll want the user to know that something is happening behind the scenes by the admin (as in they are checking whatever they need to to allow that registration)

On a more important note, I, as the admin, did not receive an email letting me know that the approval was needed. I would think I would need that.

Go to Event Espresso -> Messages.

In the message activity list, can you see the email’s to me and yourself?

If so, what colour ‘status bar’ do they have to the left of each message?

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