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Josh # Posted on April 16, 2018 at 12:37 pm

Hi Joe,

The GDPR-specific tools are not available at this time, and I do not have a timeframe for when each of those will be rolled out. I can update this topic when these become available.

You do already have the ability to add a consent checkbox to your registration form, as the Registration forms questions have the feature to add required checkbox questions. So for example you can add some “I consent” text, along with a link to your site’s privacy policy, to a checkbox question. Similar example in this wiki:

With regards to publishing EE’s GPDR compliance credentials, those would not actually be relevant to your website because EE is a distributed plugin. Using the Event Espresso plugin in and of itself cannot provide legal compliance. While a plugin can certainly assist in automating the steps on a compliance journey, or allow you to develop a workflow to solve a situation (see example above), the EE plugin cannot protect a site administrator from mistakes or lack of compliance, nor can the plugin protect site users from incorrect or incomplete legal compliance on the part of the web site.

In short, plugins like Event Espresso can include helpful tools along the legal compliance journey, but are not presented as an end-to-end solution, nor should they give users a false sense of security.

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