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Tony # Posted on March 28, 2018 at 2:24 am

It’s not just the icons, it’s basically an ‘external’ file used to generate the PDF’s but by external I don’t mean hosted on another server, any file that needs to be included within the main content (CSS, images etc) will all use allow_url_fopen within DOMPDF.

That means that even if you removed the images, your Invoice’s will not look the same as the HTML view as the CSS files can’t be used etc.

We do support CURL as an alternative to url_fopen. Your plugin author should know if they are using these functions or not.

Whilst that would be great if it was our own code, it’s not, it’s an external library we use that is specifically for generating PDF’s. Rewriting/creating our own library specifically for this task is not something we are considering as it’s a huge project in itself with little benefit when it’s already been created.

In short, if your host will not enable the above functions you either can’t use the PDF functions unless you are happy with the unstyled versions, or will need to move hosts.

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