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Josh # Posted on March 6, 2018 at 11:15 am

Code-wise there’s at least one mistake with the array keys. The first array has a correct key, but the second array key is 1, then the third array key is 2 (they can’t all have 0 for the array key).

Formatting-wise it’s impossible to review the code as posted here because of the way the forum software changes 'into ‘. If you’re copying the code directly from Github the formatting should be fine.

Also I am not sure where to put the “AHEE__bc_ee_add_product_surcharge__add_product__product_added” to trigger the add ons. The comments say “Added Anywhere in the system code” but could you be more specific, which file would be best, for example.

If you’re starting from scratch, you’ll put all of the code into its own plugin. There are specific instructions on how to set up the plugin here:

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