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msaEEticket8 # Posted on March 6, 2018 at 10:08 am

That would work, but it creates a lot of confusion on the attendee info side. Doing it that way would make the attendee fill out Personal info (name address email phone), and company Info (name address phone company details) for each extra banquet ticket and ball game ticket. Which wouldn’t be too bad using the “Use attendee 1” check box, but what happens if a company wants to send 3 attendees each with a spouse and 2 kids. So you would have 3 attendee tickets to fill out, and then it would ask for info for 6 adult Banquets, 3 child banquests, and 12 ball game tickets. So 24 sets of information need to be filled out, with no easy way to associate banquet and game tickets to the 3 attendees.

That is what I am trying to avoid with my option. Each attendee fills out their info only once, and just indicates how many extra banquet and game tickets are needed (we don’t need names, personal info or company info for them). With no need to fill out form after form. That way we know Attend 1 needs 5 game tickets, and Attendee 2 only needs 2, for example.

Or is there a way to have different question groups for different tickets? That would be much easier, as we could just have them fill out Name only on Banquet and Game tickets.

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