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MINTvision # Posted on March 2, 2018 at 6:31 am

Dear Tony,

We have talked to our hosting provider who provided us with an expert who got access to the site and looked at everything as you did. They mention that they are used to clients with PaypalExpress and that this should not be a problem here. They tested our PayPal settings and did not find any problems with the sandbox account. They tweaked different server settings for our site to see EventEspresso’s reaction. To sum it all up, we were asked to contact you again so you can take another look at EventEspresso’s settings and potential bugs.

We did check the server requirements before we bought EventEspresso with this tool that EventEspresso itself recommends:

I also went through this list of requirements, and can’t seem to find a problem:

Our server runs on Linux and Apache, which is where you say that the plugin runs “very well”?

If you think that this is server related, please let us know what other requirements you need to make EventEspresso work. We will gladly ask our hosting provider to make the according changes.

If you like, you can deactivate all plugins and switch the theme to TwentySeventeen yourself – the error stays the same, which is why I am pretty certain that we can rule out any plugin or theme conflicts.

We are at our wits’ end. We will need your input here please.

Best regards


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