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Tony # Posted on March 1, 2018 at 9:29 am

Hi there,

Whilst hiring a developer will likely still be necessary, I have a couple of questions on the above as (without knowing all of the details) some of what you are trying to do appears to be the wrong approach.

– Autofill custom fields
After creating an event, the system should autofill the custom fields: count of dates from the event, duration of an event, Start- and Enddate, Time start and end. To display that one the site we have to do it manually that cost a lot of time, which could be automated.

The information that you are adding to custom fields could be pulled directly from EE on the front end output rather than added to a custom field to then be pulled on the page.

I don’t know all of the details for what you are trying to do, but it sounds like a long winded method to pull the info you need and display it. For example for ‘count of dates from the event’ you could count all of the datetimes on the event and just output that directly, however its not clear if you mean all active datetimes, or upcoming datetimes, or just all datetimes regardless of status which changes things a fair bit but the point being you should just be able to pull that data directly rather than using custom fields.

– Export Events
That is a feature, that I read a lot in the support forum. But it is uncertain when you add this feature. Basically we would need the same csv report like the attendee report with some additional fields e.g. Start- and Enddate, Time start and end, Count of dates from one event, count of attendees, event status (active/canceled/postponed)

Could you not just add those to the registrations CSV report we currently have?

(Question that just came to me: Is it possible to make an attendee report where the systems thinks/pretend that in every course is one attendee? By hiding the attendee information, it would be a event report that would be enough.)

Not really, the registration pulls the registrations and then the details liked to those registration (like the event) so it can’t really pretend theres registrations and look over those pretend registrations to pull the events.

With the amount of work involved to try and get something like that to work it would be better focusing that time on creating a new report imo.

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