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Tony # Posted on March 1, 2018 at 3:03 am

In this screenshot there are multiple recipients

We’ve been referring to those as ‘Contexts’, as in a Registration Approved message template can have multiple contexts in which its used and each of those contexts have their own template, see here:

So a Registration Approved message can send a different message to the Event Admin, the Primary Registrant and each registratant. You may want different information going to the Event Admin, than you would want going to the registrant, right?

but as per this screenshot, I only see one recipient email, which according to the title of the message is the admin email.

Your editing the Event Admin context yes, but you can use the context switch to change to the others (see the above link).

Rather confusing. Is the event author the admin?

The Event Author is whichever user account is set as the author of the event –

By default that will be the user account of whichever use created the event, but you can change it using the dropdown highlighted.

Where would the event author email address have been submitted if it is someone other than the admin?

EE will pull the email address of the user account set as the event author, but you can also create custom messages and set a different email address to be used for those, then set those messages on the event. It all depends on where you want the emails to go.

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