Recommended SSL Providers

SSL (Secure Socket Layer) is a form of security (cryptography) to provide encrypted or secure connections between computers on the internet. The benefits of using a SSL certification for your website and for events are:

  • Protecting Your Data. SSL certificate encrypt the data with a key that only the sender and receiver can use to unlock the data. Encrypted data can help you protect passwords, credit cards, usernames, IDs, etc.
  • Confirming Your Identity. SSL certificates are issued to a specific person or entity to after a verification process to authenticate website traffic. This can help your website be “trusted”.
  • Better Search Engine Rankings. Search engines like Google will penalize or reward websites that use a SSL certificate on their entire website to help protect website visitors.
  • PCI Compliance. If you’re selling tickets online or accepting registrations with payments, the payment transactions (requests and responses) need to be secured. Either you or theĀ payment gateway of your choice will need to make a secure connection to secure the transaction.

In a digital world, we recommend you use a SSL certificate for your payment transactions and preferably for your entire website.

Here is a list of recommended Secure Socket Layer (SSL) providers.

2. Let’s Encrypt

Let’s Encrypt is on a mission to encrypt the entire web to keep the internet secure and safe. They provide free SSL Certificates though they’re harder to manage. Your host can usually integrate with or provide a free SSL certificate. If not, check out one of the other SSL certificate providers below.

2. GoDaddy

For one, GoDaddy has a name that people recognize (thanks to good branding). People are likely to put more trust into a name they know. They also offer solutions on the cheaper side of the spectrum.

3. Verisign

Verisign is another well-trusted name. In fact, they’re probably the most trusted in the game and trust can go a long way, but they are known to be a bit more expensive.

4. Comodo

Opinions at SSL Shopper about Comodo range from great to terrible, but if you dig deep enough, you can probaby find a similar range for everybody else too. Comodo does offer cheap solutions.

5. Digicert

Digicert isn’t the cheapest, but there seems to be overwhelming enthusiasm about them, particularly in the areas of customer service and support.

6. Thawte

Thwate is also not on the cheap side, but much like VeriSign, and as the comapny’s slogan says, “It’s a trust thing”. It’s a popular one and is seen often and people will associate it with security.

Your options are certainly not limited to these five choices. You may find another one entirely to be way better than the rest. If so, we’d love to hear about it.

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