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  • Square Payment Gateway - $99.95
    Accept event payments with Square through credit cards, Google Pay, and Apple Pay.
  • Events Calendar - $49.95
    Show your events on a beautiful calendar with images so your attendees can browse to events that fit their schedule and start an event registration.
  • Events Table View Template - $49.95
    Display your events in a table layout so your attendees can browse and start their event registrations.
  • Events Grid View Template - $49.95
    Showcase your events in a grid display of images so your attendees can start an event registration.
  • Promotions and Discount Codes - $119.95
    Create flat discounts and percentage based discounts for your attendees to encourage more event registrations.
  • Attendee Mover - $89.95
    Transfer attendees between events or change their registration selection for an event in a few clicks from your WordPress dashboard.
  • Wait List Manager - $89.95
    Collect information from interested attendees when an event becomes sold out and automatically promote them as spots open up. It is like a personal assistant that works around the clock for you to help keep your events full.
  • Multiple Event Registration - $149.95
    Allow your attendees to add events to a shopping cart so they can register for multiple events at the same time. Allow attendees to sign up for multiple events at the same time through an event shopping cart.
  • Printable Tickets - $89.95
    Send your attendees tickets after their event registrations through email; Scan their tickets using a mobile phone for easy check-in.
  • Barcode Scanner - $119.95
    Enable barcodes on tickets that are sent by email through the Printable Tickets extension; Scan them using a 2D barcode scanner for fast check-in.
  • Event App Customization - $99.95
    Customize the mobile apps to change the powered by messaging and replace the Event Espresso logo within the app with your logo.
  • People Admin - $69.95
    Feature information on your event pages about speakers, sponsors, instructors, and other staff that help make your events a success.
  • Event Espresso Importer - $89.95
    Import a list of attendees into Event Espresso through a CSV file upload.
  • Automated Upcoming Event Notifications - $99.95
    Automatically send out event reminder emails for your upcoming events.
  • WordPress User Integration - $59.95
    Automatically create customer accounts for your attendees so they can see their past and upcoming events and speed through registration checkout for new events.
  • MailChimp Integration - $59.95
    Transfer attendee information to MailChimp after a registration so you can keep them in the loop about future events by sending email campaigns through MailChimp.
  • Infusionsoft Integration - $119.95
    Send attendee information to Infusionsoft after an event registration and use this to trigger marketing campaigns in Infusionsoft.
  • Events Social Sharing Integration - $59.95
    Allow your attendees to spread the word about your events by sharing your events on social media channels after they register.
  • Payment Methods Pro - $99.95
    Receive event payments to different merchant accounts by connecting various payment services like PayPal, Stripe, and others and then enabling a specific merchant account for events that you choose.
  • PayPal Express Checkout Smart Payment Buttons (with Venmo) - $99.95
    Receive events payments online through debit cards, credit cards, PayPal funds, PayPal Credit, and Venmo.
  • Stripe Payment Gateway - $99.95
    Securely accept online payments through debit and credits cards with Stripe.

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