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Custom Gateway Development

Using the right payment gateway for your business can mean thousands or more to the bottom line of your business. If you need to use a certain payment gateway that is not currently supported on our list of available payment options, you may be interested in contracting us to develop the gateway integration for you. As the gateway becomes generally used by other Event Espresso users, and is not cost prohibitive to service, we will continue to maintain the integration.

Our availability can be limited, but usually we are able to develop a new gateway in 4 – 6 weeks. We ask for an up-front deposit of $1000 for a new gateway that is good for up to 10 hours of development. In most cases, if there is adequate documentation and there are no problems implementing the new gateway, no additional cost is required. If development exceeds 10 hours, additional development is at our sponsored development hourly rate.

You can only get service and quality like this from Event Espresso.

Those who sponsor a new gateway receive a free Personal License of Event Espresso (or the equivalent). If you’ve already purchased Event Espresso then we can give you a discount code to adjust the development price.

In order to make this process as quick as possible, we expect you to allow us to use your gateway account for testing purposes and to access the developer documentation. If we have to acquire our own account with the gateway provider, the cost may be significantly higher.

After completing your purchase, please send us your gateway account information via our contact form and select the “I’m Sending Login Info as Requested” from the drop-down menu.

Terms & Conditions – Event Espresso retains all rights to the code so that we can include it in future versions of Event Espresso and support the new gateway.

If you have any additional questions please contact us about the Custom Gateway Integration service.

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