Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale

Save 25%-50% During our ONLY Sale of the Year!

If you want to get Event Espresso for the first time, or haven’t renewed in a while now is your chance to save 25% off new support licenses. Current customers with the Personal or Developer license get 50% off add-ons or upgrade to the Everything License and get credit for what you have already paid + the 25% discount.

Offers end December 1, 2020 at 11:59 PM MT (UTC -7:00) . You must use the links below to receive the discount(s). Discounts cannot be applied retroactively.

Event Espresso 4 New Support Licenses

Everything License – For businesses & organizations who need a flexible event registration and ticketing solution (plus get new add-ons and extensions that are released while your support license is active). $299.95 $224.96
Personal License – For event organizers who are just getting started with event registrations online (see below for 50% discount links on add-ons and extensions). $79.95 $59.96
Are you an agency, web professional, or freelancer who is helping clients with their events on different sites?
Get a developer’s license now

Event Espresso 4 Add-ons
(You must have an active support license and be logged into your account to purchase add-ons)
Attendee Importer – Import a list of attendees into Event Espresso so you can send tickets to attendees through email and scan QR codes for check-in to your next event. $69.95 $34.96
Automated Upcoming Event Notifications – Set up event reminders so they are automatically emailed to your attendees a day before an event. $69.95 $34.96
Events Calendar – Show your events on a beautiful calendar with images so your attendees can browse to events that fit their schedule and start an event registration. $39.95 $19.97
Events Table View Template – Display your events in a table layout so your attendees can browse and start their event registrations. $39.95 $19.97
Events Grid View Template – Showcase your events in a grid display of images so your attendees can start an event registration. $39.95 $19.97
Promotions & Discount Codes – Create flat discounts and percentage based discounts for your attendees to encourage more event registrations. $99.95 $49.97
Attendee Mover – Transfer attendees between events or change their registration selection for an event in a few clicks from your WordPress dashboard. $69.95 $34.97
Wait List Manager – Collect information from interested attendees when an event becomes sold out and automatically promote them as spots open up. It is like a personal assistant that works around the clock for you to help keep your events full. $69.95 $34.96
Multiple Event Registration – Allow your attendees to add events to a shopping cart so they can register for multiple events at the same time. $119.95 $59.97
Printable Tickets – Send your attendees tickets after their event registrations through email; Scan their tickets using a mobile phone for easy check-in. $69.95 $34.97
Barcode Scanner – Enable barcodes on tickets that are sent by email through the Printable Tickets extension; Scan them using a 2D barcode scanner for fast check-in. $99.95 $49.97
Event App Customization – Customize the mobile apps to change the powered by messaging and replace the Event Espresso logo within the app with your logo. $79.95 $59.97
People admin – Feature information on your event pages about speakers, sponsors, instructors, and other staff that help make your events a success. $59.95 $29.97
WP User Integration – Automatically create customer accounts for your attendees so they can see their past and upcoming events and speed through registration checkout for new events. $39.95 $19.97
MailChimp Integration – Transfer attendee information to MailChimp after a registration so you can keep them in the loop about future events by sending email campaigns through MailChimp. $49.95 $24.97
Infusionsoft Integration – Send attendee information to Infusionsoft after an event registration and use this to trigger marketing campaigns in Infusionsoft. $89.95 $44.97
AffiliateWP Integration – Engage affiliates to market your events and drive more event registrations for you. $49.95 $24.97
Events Social Sharing Integration – Allow your attendees to spread the word about your events by sharing your events on social media channels after they register. $49.95 $24.97

Event Espresso 4 Payment Gateway Add-ons
(You must have an active support license and be logged into your account to purchase add-ons)
Stripe Integration – use Stripe to process payments $79.95 $39.97
PayPal Express Checkout Smart Payment Buttons (with Venmo) – use PayPal to accept payments from PayPal accounts, Cards, and Venmo $79.95 $39.97 Accept Payment Gateway – use Accept to process payments $79.95 $39.97
Braintree Integration – use your Braintree account to process payments $79.95 $39.97
Sage Pay Integration – use Sage Pay to process payments $79.95 $39.97
Vanco Integration – use Vanco to process payments $79.95 $39.97
Mollie Integration – use Mollie to process payments through services like iDEAL, SEPA, and more $79.95 $39.97 SIM – use to process payments $79.95 $39.97 eCheck – use the AIM eCheck to collect payments $79.95 $39.97
PayPal Payflow Pro – use Payflow Pro to process payments $79.95 $39.97
MasterCard Internet Gateway Services – Use MiGS to process payments $79.95 $39.97
Quickbooks Payments Integration – Use QuickBooks online to process payments $79.95 $39.97
iPay88 Integration – use iPay88 to process payments in Malaysia and Indonesia $79.95 $39.97
CyberSource Integration – use your CyberSource account to accept payments $79.95 $39.97
TSYS TransFirst Integration – use your TSYS TransFirst account to accept payments $79.95 $39.97
FirstData Payeezy Integration – use your FirstData Payeezy account to accept payments $79.95 $39.97
Chase Paymentech Integration – use your Chase Paymentech account to accept payments $79.95 $39.97
Flexible Payment Method – give instructions to your attendees on how to pay (phone, at the door, etc.) $29.95 $14.97
Payment Methods Pro – enable certain payment options for specific events $99.95 $49.97

Event Espresso 3 Products

Event Espresso 3 New Member Support Licenses
Business License (most add-ons) $319.95 $239.96
Personal License $119.95 $89.96
Need support licenses for several websites? Choose a developer’s license Get a developer’s license
Event Espresso 3 Add-ons
(You must have an active support license and be logged into your account to purchase add-ons)
Ticketing – offer tickets to be scanned at the door $199.95 $99.97
Multiple Event Registration – attendees can add multiple events to a shopping cart and checkout at once $59.95 $29.97
Recurring Events – schedule your events in the future $59.95 $29.97
Custom Files – override certain aspects of the plugin $39.95 $19.97
WP User Integration – connect WP profiles to registration forms $49.95 $24.97
MailChimp Integration – add attendees to your mailing lists $49.95 $24.97
Roles & Permissions Basic – manage staff roles $79.95 $39.97
Roles & Permissions Pro – manage staff geographies $139.95 $69.97
Infusionsoft Integration – add attendees to your contacts $89.95 $44.97
Social Coupons Integration – import social coupons into your site to be redeemed by attendees $39.95 $19.97
Custom Templates – exciting and interesting layouts $29.95 $14.97
Accordion Template – display events in a accordion layout $34.95 $17.47
Calendar Template – display events in a calendar table layout $24.95 $12.97
Date Range Template – display events in a range layout $24.95 $12.97
Recurring Events Template – display events in a recurring layout $24.95 $12.97
Map Template – display events in a map layout $24.95 $12.97
Grid Template – display events in a grid layout $24.95 $12.97

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Save 25%-50% on Event Espresso during our ONLY sale of the year! Event Espresso is the most powerful and best-supported…

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