Set up a default event registration option or ticket plus tax rate that will be used for every event

Create events fast by pre-configuring default prices to automatically be added to the default ticket.

Default prices allow event managers to create:

  • A single starting price for your system-the default ticket that is created for any new event.
  • Price modifiers that can add or subtract amounts (in the form of surcharges and discounts) to the default starting ticket price.

Starting Price

Event managers can pre-configure a price for the default ticket that is added when a new event is created. When Event Espresso is installed, a General Admission ticket with a price of $0 is automatically created and one sales tax price modifier is created. Both the General Admission and Sales Tax Default Prices can be modified, but only the Sales Tax price modifier can be deleted.


The default price (created above) becomes available in the default ticket when you create a new event.

Default Price Tax

The Tax default price is made available as a “Is this ticket taxable?” in the ticket advanced settings for all tickets.

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