Event Registration Forms

Make your event registration forms as simple or as complex as you need them to be while still maintaining the same look and feel of your website. And best of all, the attendee data is yours to keep because the attendees never leave your website to complete registration.

Custom event registration forms are used by creating custom questions that are reusable once assigned to question groups. Question order is controlled by drag-and-drop functionality and you can require questions to be answered before attendees can finish the registration process. Once an attendee has finished the registration (free or paid) all the data is stored in your WordPress event registration plugin dashboard for future reference.

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Easy event management and ticketing plugin

Event organizations are leveraging the power of their brands and social buzz by hosting events on their own WordPress website. Event managers need sophisticated tools to make each event as successful and profitable as possible. Event Espresso puts you in control of all aspects of your event registration and ticketing with WordPress, and also allows you to automate the process to make your job easier. (more…)

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Event Espresso