Your Organization Settings

Configure your organization’s profile to be used throughout Event Espresso and your front-end templates/theme (may require customization for individual themes).

The organization fields include:

  • Organization Name
  • Street Address
  • City
  • State
  • Country
  • Zip/Postal Code
  • Primary Contact Email Address
  • Phone Number
  • VAT/Tax Number
  • Company Logo
  • Facebook Profile URL
  • Twitter Profile URL
  • LinkedIn Profile URL
  • Pinterest Profile URL
  • Google+ Profile URL
  • Instagram Profile URL


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Add an address for your organization and sell tickets and event registrations in your currency

The Country Settings allow event managers to configure many of the country and currency settings that will be used throughout Event Espresso, including:

  • Currency
  • Currency Name, singular and plural
  • Currency sign
  • Currency sign before/after number
  • Currency decimal places (none, 1, 2 3,)
  • Currency decimal mark character (comma or decimal)
  • Currency thousands separator (comma or decimal)
  • Country telephone code
  • European Union Country indicator
  • Country appears as an option in the registration form
  • Activate/deactivate states/provinces
  • Manage (add, edit, delete) states/provinces
  • Allow users to add states/provinces during checkout
  • Manage (add, ignore) user-submitted states/provinces

Country Details


User-submitted Countries, States/Provinces

When a potential registrant is filling out their address information but the country and/or state/province is not available, they are presented with an option to add a new country state/province.

The attendee is asked to select their country and add their state/province.


Manage user-submitted states/provinces

When a registrant submits their own state/province, event managers are given the opportunity to activate or ignore the new state/province.


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One-click Upgrades

You don’t want to spend time managing your website, and with one-click upgrades you can automatically upgrade your Event Espresso software to the latest and greatest version. We usually release several new versions each month with new features, bug fixes, and to keep you compatible with WordPress.

We make it easier than ever to keep your website up and running, all it takes is one click.

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Give attendees the option of joining a waiting list when your event is full

If your events are popular, or if you are restricted on the number of people you can have, you may find that you need to have a waiting list. This means that, if your event is full, people can add themselves to a waiting list. If someone drops out of your event then the person on the waiting list can be added to the list of attendees. You can require that wait-list attendees pay for their spot in line so that you can try to add more capacity to your event.

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Protect your event registrations and tickets purchases from spam and junk registrations

A CAPTCHA is a program that protects websites against bots by generating and grading tests that humans can pass but current computer programs cannot. For example, humans can read distorted text as the one shown below, but current computer programs can’t:

reCAPTCHA Example

reCAPTCHA Example

The term CAPTCHA (for Completely Automated Public Turing Test To Tell Computers and Humans Apart) was coined in 2000 by Luis von Ahn, Manuel Blum, Nicholas Hopper and John Langford of Carnegie Mellon University.

Get a Free CAPTCHA For Your Site
A free, secure and accessible CAPTCHA implementation is available from the reCAPTCHA project. Easy to install plugins and controls are available for WordPress, MediaWiki, PHP, ASP.NET, Perl, Python, Java, and many other environments. reCAPTCHA also comes with an audio test to ensure that blind users can freely navigate your site. reCAPTCHA is our officially recommended CAPTCHA implementation.

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Check-in attendees by scanning event tickets or looking them up with a mobile app

Our event app allows you to transform your Android and/or Apple mobile device into an onsite attendee management tool. The event app gives event managers the ability to manage check-ins at the door of your events. You can even use the event app to scan tickets (optional upgrade), check attendees in/out of events, view attendee/registration and event info.

Event managers can also login to the website to view attendance records, generate an attendance list and export the list to a report in CSV format.

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Get Started Now

Android Mobile Event App Apple Mobile Event App

View Documentation


  • Event Espresso version 4.8.41+ (Works w/ Decaf & Regular)
  • WordPress version 4.5+
  • Apple: iOS version 9+
  • Android: KitKat version 4.1+
  • Optional: Ticketing add-on (required for scanning tickets)

Benefits of using the Event Espresso 4 Event Apps include:

  • Search for attendee names and check them in from the app
  • Speed up registrations at the door, by using your mobile device to scan attendees tickets (optional upgrade), instead of using your laptop and barcode scanner
  • Integrates in real-time with the attendee list in Event Espresso, within your own website
  • Easily view attendee/registration info, such as:
    • Attendee list per datetime
    • Ticket purchases
    • Payment status
    • Check-in status
  • Allows for multiple check-in “stations”. Eg, use multiple Android/iPhone devices to log into to the same attendee list so employees can check-in attendees using multiple different devices
  • Mobile-to-mobile QR Code scanning helps to keep your events “Green” by providing an environmentally friendly ticketing solution
  • Makes your organization efficient and innovative with easy access to event info, such as:
    • Event list
    • Venue info
    • Datetimes
    • Registration totals
    • Capacity statistics

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Store attendee registration information on your own server

Collect, control and own all the information you acquire from event attendees–for free. It’s your data and we believe you should have control of it.

We even make it easy for you to export the all the data into Excel or CSV format to be sure you can use your data however you see best: advanced reports, marketing strategies, attendee statistics.

All the attendee’s information is collected and exported including (but not limited to):

  • Event name and ID
  • Transaction ID
  • Attendee ID
  • Time of Registration
  • Unique Registration Code
  • Count of Registrations in Transaction
  • Registration Final Price
  • CurrencyRegistration Status
  • Transaction Status
  • Transaction Amount
  • Amount Paid
  • Payment Date
  • Payment Method
  • Gateway Transaction ID
  • Check-ins
  • Ticket Name
  • Datetime Name
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • Mailing Address
  • Address 2
  • City
  • State/Province
  • Country
  • Zip/Postal Code
  • Phone
  • Answers to any Custom Question asked

You can export all the registration data at once, or you can export data for just one event or even datetime.

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