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6 Essential Steps to Keep Your WordPress Website from Getting Hacked

website securityHappy Internet Security Month!

These 6 steps will prevent 99% of hacking attempts on your WordPress website, and most of them only require a click or two and aren’t very technical.

Of course, we all want to keep our website secure and not get hacked. It’s not fun when a hacker takes control of your website… But we also have a life and might not understand all the technical jargon. So let’s skip the fluff and get your website secure. (more…)

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#GivingTuesday: Sponsoring the Outspoken Women Mission

As I was preparing our social media campaign for #GivingTuesday, I stumbled upon an Outspoken Women post on social media. So, I decided to check out the website and see what it was all about.

Outspoken Women - Support Women Speakers in Tech

I found that Outspoken Women is a resource for women and non-binary individuals in the open source technology industry. As I was looking around on their website, I noticed many of their members are people I recognize from the various WordCamps I’ve attended over the years and the WordPress community. Additionally, I noticed that some Outspoken Women members are customers of Event Espresso, so I thought to myself, “What a great organization to sponsor for GivingTuesday.”, then I made it happen and sponsored.


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Event Ticketing System for WordPress

As we start planning for spring and summer events, we want to be sure you know that Event Espresso is your Event Ticketing System for WordPress. Whether you are hosting Art Classes, Car Shows, Conferences, Quilting Retreats, or any other event, Event Espresso makes it simple to sell tickets to each of these events – or all of them at the same time – right from your WordPress website.


With Event Espresso you can: (more…)

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Is your Event Business Losing Money from Eventbrite Fees?

Let me tell you a story about a small town quilting company that’s losing over $21,000 from Eventbrite fees, annually.

Is your Event Business Losing Money from Eventbrite Fees?

Starting as a Small Family Business

Modern Quilt Company (not the real name), and we’ll call it MQC for short…started out about ten years ago as a small family business in a small rural town. Employment was scarce in that small town, and local enterprise abandoned the city many years ago. Buildings were left abandoned, and the local infrastructure was crumbling, while many of the residents had to travel long distances to work, or eventually left the area altogether to find employment elsewhere.

Learn how to create a Quilt Retreat Booking website. Quilting, not your thing? Create your own event planning business.

The founder of MQC’s father, Greg, commuted an hour and a half to work each way as a mechanic at the local newspaper. He worked long hours and many night shifts to support his wife (Shauna) and his seven children. In 2008, when he lost a hefty portion of his retirement savings in the market crash and at a time when the newspaper industry was laying off people every month, his son’s James and Sammy concocted an idea to start a business that could help their parents towards retirement. (more…)

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Let’s Meet at LoopConf 2017

Have you heard of LoopConf?

LoopConf is an exciting, three-day event for technically-minded folks that want to dive deep into advanced engineering and development topics. For the second year in a row, they have invited a lineup of amazing speakers ready and willing to share their passion for WordPress with you.

With a speaker lineup featuring engineers from Automattic, WIRED, The New York Times, Bocoup, Disney, Microsoft, and so many other amazing and innovative companies, you won’t want to miss this fantastic event! (more…)

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Friends Don’t Let Friends Host Events on Eventbrite

Event Espresso vs. Eventbrite. The Truth Will Set You Free!

Event Espresso beats Eventbrite by keeping you if full control of your money, customer data, and style.

Friends don't let friends host events on Eventbrite

Are you planning a paid event? Are you willing to give away 2.5% of your ticket value + $0.99 per ticket sold? If so then, by all means, host your next event on Eventbrite. Hosting an event on Eventbrite means that you have to fork over a percentage of every ticket you sell. With Event Espresso you are in control of your money because your events are hosted on your website. That means no monthly fees, registration fees, or ticketing fees. (more…)

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Website Weekend Los Angeles 2016

During Connect Week 2016, Website Weekend LA will bring in non-profits and organizations doing great work in the local Los Angeles, California community and pair them up with teams of digital professionals. Then over the course of a weekend, these teams will collaborate and build something amazing for their organization that will help them grow their outreach and positively impact how they contribute to the community.

website weekend 2016 (more…)

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Event Espresso 4 REST API Development Started on Github

We are happy to announce that development of the Event Espresso 4 REST API has begun. You are invited to get involved with the API development by: sharing feedback on the direction of the API, contributing code, testing what is already completed, and encouraging others to get involved.

APIs are for Sharing, Please Share

Hey #app #developers a brand new #API is available for @EventEspresso #WordPress #events #plugin #eventtech #mobile.

Please click to share this.

WordPress and Event Espresso Developers will be most interested in the EE4 REST API, because it will allow for faster development of a wide array of features, including custom reporting tools, mobile application development, and theme development. The EE4 REST API will provide an easy to use API, available via HTTP, to grab your site’s event and registration data in simple JSON format. Retrieving or updating data is as simple as sending a HTTP request.

Purpose of the Event Espresso 4 REST API

RESTful-APIAs you may have guessed already, the Event Espresso 4 REST API is not a new way to relax or catch some Z’s in between coding sessions. The Event Espresso 4 REST API is actually an application programming interface (API), intended to allow client-side JavaScript, and apps on different servers, to be able to interact with the WordPress Plugin Event Espresso. It is built on WordPress, Event Espresso 4 and the WP API; however once the WP API is merged into WordPress core, it is anticipated that this Event Espresso REST API will likewise be merged into Event Espresso 4 core.

Other WordPress plugins that intend to use Event Espresso 4 data server-side (in the PHP code) generally do not need to use the API, and can instead use Event Espresso 4’s models, config, and other modules directly. Check out for tutorials on how to use many of these systems.

Example applications could include:

  • JavaScript and HTML snippets that could be pasted onto non-WordPress sites that could list events from Event Espresso
  • Mobile applications for signing attendees into events in Event Espresso
  • WordPress plugin that controls Event Espresso data entirely on the client-side


Generally, the work will be organized into 3 main milestones:

  • READ functionality (API clients will be able to read just about anything from EE4, including information from add-ons)
  • WRITE functionality (API clients will be able to create and update most EE4 info, but we’d like to prevent API clients from breaking the DB so that will be a bit of a challenge)
  • Single page checkout (SPCO) functionality (we will want to present similar functionality to SPCO, except over the API. This will require rather tight integration with SPCO in order to keep them almost identical)


Current progress (as of this writing):

  • READ functionality is approximately 85% completed. We are actively working on the compatibility with the permissions and capability controls that are built into Event Espresso core.
  • WRITE functionality: 0% completed
  • SPCO functionality: 0% completed

Generally, the central hub for the API should be the EE4 REST API Github repository and milestones; along with blogging about it from

Information for Non-developers

I’m not a developer, how does this affect me?

Not a developer, that’s okay! The Event Espresso REST API will allow other applications (other websites, mobile apps, etc) to access your Event Espresso data through an application programming interface (API).

We recommend you share this with your development team, agency or app developers because they will be excited about this. You should ask them to consider building an integration for the Event Espresso 4 API so that you can use your data in their applications.

Hey #app #developers a brand new #API is available for @EventEspresso #WordPress #events #plugin #eventtech #mobile.

Please click to share this.

Another benefit of the API is that if you want a certain edge case feature that is not available in our core products, you can hire a developer to build it for you, without having to understand the Event Espresso 4 code base.

Have ideas for the API, fill out the survey below or leave a comment.

Information for Developers

How do I get access to the files?

Anyone with an account on can download and install the EE4 REST API on their site.

How do I get involved?

For the most part, at the time of this writing, we are still in the planing and development stages. Developers that are interested in the Event Espresso 4 REST API can get involved in the development and planning process from within the EE4 REST API page on

Participate in a short survey!

How will you, or your company use the EE4 REST API? Let us know by filling out the survey below.

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Is Your Theme Ready for When Google Changes their Mobile Search Algorithm?

Twenty Fourteen Mobile-Friendly Theme with Event Espresso

Twenty Fourteen Theme

In order to sell tickets and collect registrations online, it is important that your website is easy for anyone to access and use. Google is changing their mobile search results algorithms to rank websites higher that give readers easier access to read and interact with their websites. Is your website ready?

When and HOW is Google changing its mobile ranking algorithm?

On April 21, Google is expanding their use of “mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal”. When this is implemented, worldwide, if you search for something on a mobile device today, then search again on April 21, the list of search results may change depending on if the websites among the search results are ‘mobile-friendly”.

Depending on the type of events you organize, industry and audience, 60% or more of your registrations may come by those using a mobile device (phone or tablet). The number of people using mobile devices is growing fast. So regardless of whether someone is using a desktop computer, tablet or mobile phone, you want your audience to be able to find your events and buy tickets.

If the websites for those search results are not “mobile-friendly”, that website will be penalized and will not appear as early in the search results. However, this does not apply to searches done via a desktop device.

Could this be you?

Is Your Website Theme Mobile-Friendly?


If you’re using WordPress, then you must evaluate whether you are using a theme that is “mobile-friendly”. Mobile-friendly can mean several things, but I want to describe it in two ways: Accessibility and Ease of Use.

You can use Google’s “Mobile-Friendly” test tool to see if your website will be impacted in their algorithm change or not. This tool gives you more of a pass/fail rating, but offers suggestions for improvement.

If your website/theme is not mobile-friendly we recommend doing two things:

  • Modify your current theme to better accommodate mobile devices. If you need assistance with your theme, we recommend you contact a Event Espresso Pro for help.
  • Consider using a different theme. There are many free themes that are available from that are mobile-friendly.


Can people access at all the information on your web pages without it being too cumbersome? Is there information that is hidden behind tables or images or divs, is there media (video, audio, etc.) that does not play on mobile devices?

In order to attract customers, you want to review whether the information you publish is accessible. The more people that can access your websites, the more people are likely to attend, and the more successful we can all be.

Web accessibility is not going away, and requires on-going, conscious, effort and investment.

Ease of Use – Compromises are Required

Determining if your website is mobile friendly should also consider how easy it is to use. The easier to use, the better it will convert visitors into customers.

However, because the screen is small, you will have to compromise. You cannot expect the desktop and mobile-views to be exactly the same. It’s important to prioritize your design so that you present the most important information and functionality first, and the less-important items further down the page.

Is Event Espresso 4 mobile-friendly?

In general, Event Espresso 4 adopts the layout as dictated by your theme’s blog archive template. So, if your Event Espresso pages are not passing Google’s “Mobile-Friendly” test tool, it will be because of your theme OR a plugin causing trouble . I’ve tested over two dozen free themes with Event Espresso and they all passed as “mobile-friendly”. That doesn’t mean that some of the Event Espresso elements can’t be improved to be easier to use, but they are passing the “mobile-friendly” test so you will not be penalized because of Event Espresso. If you have specific suggestions for improving how Event Espresso responds to mobile devices, please let us know.

See also: Theming in Event Espresso 4


If you have questions about either mobile-friendly event websites, we’re always happy to chat, just contact us.

Note: This article was adapted from the Event Smart Blog article: Google is Changing Their Mobile Search Results Algorithm, are You Ready?

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