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Now Integrated with PsiGate and Gateways

We are pleased to announce that Event Espresso is now fully integrated with the PSiGate and payment gateway.

About PSiGate, and Event EspressoPSiGate Event Espresso Gateway Integration

PsiGate makes it easy to get your business online and accepting credit card and debit transactions quickly and securely. They provide Canadian and U.S. Dollar Internet merchant accounts to businesses across North America, so you benefit from secure, reliable, real-time payments from your online customers worldwide. Choose from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Visa Debit, and Interac Online to offer your customers the ultimate in payment choice.

PSiGate offers:

  1. Secure, Real-Time Transactions
  2. Simple API
  3. Recurring Billing
  4. Hosted Pay Pages
  5. And more.

Contact PSiGate today to get started. Event Espresso Gateway prides itself on being Canada’s first merchant account provider to specialize in multi currency e-commerce payments. You will receive everything that is needed in order to securely accept credit cards online. They include both the merchant account and secure payment gateway together as a bundled solution. offers:

  1. No hidden fees
  2. No locked in contracts
  3. Low setup and monthly costs
  4. And more.

Apply today to get started..

Event Espresso is the world’s most advanced event registration and ticketing plugin for WordPress. With Event Espresso you can manage your events, collect payment and customer information, create  printable tickets for attendees to bring and verify them at the door with our mobile ticketing apps and much more. Event Espresso is integrated with dozens of other payment options and merchant accounts in addition to PsiGate and

The PsiGate and gateways are compatible with Event Espresso 3.1.32 +

Event Espresso is integrated with dozens of merchant accounts including PsiGate and are just one of the latest. Download Event Espresso and activate a new gateway today!

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Now Integrated with Google Checkout

Google is retiring Google Checkout. This integration will no longer be supported after November 20, 2013.

We’re pleased to announce that Event Espresso, the event registration and ticketing plugin for WordPress,  is now integrated with Google checkout.

About Google Checkout and Event Espresso

Google Checkout WordPress Plugin EventsGoogle Checkout (Google Checkout is now Google Wallet for buyers) is a fast, secure checkout process that helps increase sales by bringing you more customers and allowing them to buy from you quickly and easily with a single account, online or in-store.

Event Espresso is the world’s most advanced event registration and ticketing platform for WordPress. With Event Espresso you can manage your events, collect payment and customer information, create  printable tickets for attendees to bring and verify them at the door with our mobile ticketing apps. Event Espresso is integrated with dozens of other payment options and merchant accounts in addition to Google Checkout.

Google Checkout is compatible with Event Espresso 3.1.32 or greater.

Google Wallet/Checkout touts the ability to:

Google Checkout Fees

Google Checkout’s fees are very comparable to other gateways, but we noticed they have graduated fees based on the amount you process with them each month (which PayPal doesn’t offer).

The transaction processing rates you’ll be charged each month will be determined by your sales volume during the prior calendar month. Learn more

Monthly Sales Through Google Checkout Fees Per Transaction
Less than $3,000 2.9% + $0.30
$3,000 – $9,999.99 2.5% + $0.30
$10,000 – $99,999.99 2.2% + $0.30
$100,000 or more 1.9% + $0.30


With its proprietary fraud detection technology, Google Checkout works to protect you from unwarranted chargebacks. In cases where you are found liable for a chargeback, you’ll be charged the full amount of the chargeback plus an additional $10 chargeback fee. Learn more about how Google Checkout protects you from fraud with our Chargeback Resolution Policy and Payment Guarantee Policy.

Google Checkout offers you the ability to partially capture funds and explicitly reauthorize an order if the initial 7-day authorization window expires. You will be charged $0.30 each time you charge an order.

Event Espresso is now integrated with dozens of merchant accounts where Google Checkout is just one of the latest. Download Event Espresso and activate Google Checkout today!

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Event Espresso Arabica is now available on the Pre Release channel

Event Espresso Arabica can be downloaded from the pre-release channel

Event Espresso Arabica can be downloaded from the pre-release channel

In case you missed it this morning, Event Espresso Arabica (4.0, the plugin version formerly known as Event Espresso 3.2) is now available on the pre-release channel. Now before you go nuts, there are a few things you should know about this version. Read through these caveats, then go nuts.

What this plugin is

Event Espresso Arabica is an almost complete rewrite of the Event Espresso core plugin. To start, Arabica will be supporting all of the features of the free plugin (which will henceforth be referred to as the decaffeinated version). This means that the initial release, Event Espresso 4.0, will only be supporting the features of the decaffeinated Event Espresso. Many features will be unavailable until 4.1. Event Espresso Arabica is also currently still a beta version, which means there may be bugs. We will be leaving it in beta for an extra month while we work on developing and testing 4.1 so that we can be sure that when it’s released into the world that we’ve had enough hands and bodies testing it. What’s new in this version? Plenty. Here’s a breakdown:

  • New messaging system that Darren talked about in our last Espresso Bar hangout
  • Completely reworked pricing, attendee management and registration administration system
  • Admin pages have seen a complete overhaul
  • For WordPress developers, we’ve packed the code with hooks, filters and easy to understand classes and models for developing  your own integrations and add-ons
  • Want your permalinks to be pretty? We’ve got you covered.
  • Want an easier to use payment page, with all the steps in one place? We’ve got that too.
  • Want to add multiple ticket types for different price levels on a single event in one registration process without having to use the Multi Event Registration add-on? Done.

In short, we’ve tried to fix all the stuff that you’ve been frustrated with over the past 2 years and pack it into a new system that’s built on a much more solid foundation.

What this plugin is not

Event Espresso Arabica (particularly 4.0) is not a straight upgrade from the current version and probably won’t be until 4.1. At that point there will be an upgrade script to help the migration process from 3.1 to Arabica, but this will not be added in the initial release. (When this script is created, we will be doing our best to make it possible to import the majority of your critical event related data from the old system. However, as has been the case in the past, there will likely be cases where the data structure is too different to do a reliable import. In those few cases, we will give recommendations on how to set things up.) If you have a previous install of Event Espresso, you will need to dump your Event Espresso data before you can use Event Espresso Arabica or install it on a new site. For a lot of people, this could just mean creating a new database, exporting your WordPress content from it with the built-in export tool, delete your wp-config.php file and start fresh. For people a bit more savvy it could mean dropping all the tables in the database that start with wp_events_. As mentioned above, this is going to support the features of the free version. Which means that it probably won’t support your choice payment gateway…at least not right away. We’ll have the PayPal standard gateway from the start, as well as offline payment methods. Other gateways will be added based on usage, which we are going to start tracking in Event Espresso version 3.1.32. It’s also not going to support all of the add-ons — that support probably won’t become available until after 4.1, possibly around 4.2. (If you’re worried about the versioning system, don’t. While in the past we stuck on 3.1 release for more than a year, these version numbers will iterate at a much more rapid pace with our current development schedule.)

Where to get it

If you’re still reading, that means you’re probably as excited to get your hands on this thing as we are to get it out there. That’s what we want. It’s frustrating having this thing that hardly anyone can use and we’ve been anxious to get it out but we want to make sure what we put out is worth your time, especially considering the initial limitations. If you aren’t signed up already, you should sign up for the pre-release channel on your account page to get access to Event Espresso Arabica. If you have signed up for the pre-release channel, you will already have access and all you need to do is download it. If we haven’t already, we will be adding an Event Espresso Arabica forum in our support forums, where you can post any questions, problems or bugs you find after downloading 4.0.

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WordPress Event Registration Ticketing Plugin Version 3.1.31.B (Beta) Now Available

Event Espresso is an online event registration and ticketing management plugin for WordPress. We help event managers, businesses and organizations achieve their goals with more efficient and profitable online event registration and ticketing.

This beta version brings more than 45 improvements that range from front-end design changes to new gateways and security improvements. If you’d like to get your hands on the newest up-coming version Event Espresso customers can download it now from the Pre-release (beta) channel.

In 2013 we began a new process for developing, testing and releasing new versions of our online event registration and ticketing software plugin for WordPress. So far the new process has served us well. We’ve been able to stick to a regular schedule and our products undergo more thorough testing than ever before. Part of the testing and announcement process is to make the new version of Event Espresso available for customers to for testing (both our code and their applications for the next version).

3.1.31.Beta Includes


  • British pound character encoding issue on the invoice template
  • Venue information not being copied into a duplicate event
  • event_espresso_do_ajax not working with Jquery 1.9
  • Cross-side scripting vulnerabilities and the “ee” and “event_id” parameters
  • SQL injection vulnerabilities in “event_id” parameter
  • WorldPay button option does not get checked
  • Miscalculating amounts and discounts in the PayTrace gateway
  • warning: missing argument 2 for wpdb::prepare() in /includes/functions/pricing.php line 333
  • Remove translation function from $payment_status value
  • Quickpay not receiving correct total
  • Realex: Add additional hook to init gateway file
  • South Korean currency incorrect
  • Rcurring Events Manager: Undefined Variables
  • Fixed Payment button
  • EVENT_LIST event_category_id not working
  • Add support for PayPal tax and shipping
  • Added a bypass_nonce flag to recurring events manager
  • Filter Month in Event Overview not showing all events and other filter issues
  • Creating ellipsis’ on some servers – fixed by truncating event names
  • Missing featured image shows broken image icon
  • Prevent XSS attacks
  • USAEpay Itemization
  • page dropdowns in the Page Settings section of the General Settings admin page, broken due to recent WP changes
  • Fatal error: Cannot redeclare mb_substr()
  • Undefined variable: category_met
  • Datepicker in Event Editor doesn’t work in WP 3.5
  • Quickpay gateway errors when used with Multiple Events Registration
  • Email shortcode for attendee list


  • Centralized espresso_email_after_payment action hook
  • Security audit on the add_attendees_to_db.php file
  • Added a phone number field to the Merchant Warrior gateway
  • Add attendee count (quantity) as email shortcode
  • Make the Add More Attendees option more noticeable on the registration page
  • Fix the event ordering in the event overview of the admin
  • Add autocomplete=”off” to the credit card forms
  • Audit the event (and Front-end Event Manager addon) and venue create/update for security
  • Add action hooks to Event Espresso templates
  • Comment out the var_dump lines in realauthprocesspayment.php
  • Better-document first data e4
  • Create github language repo branches for individual languages
  • Add /languages to /uploads/espresso
  • Prefix authnet classes for greater compatibility when using both gateways

New Features

  • Added support for Megasoft gateway
  • Added support for PayChoice gateway
  • Added support for USAEpay gateway
  • Attendee Mover: Add a function/action hook to add/save/delete attendee meta
  • Add pricing options when editing an attendee

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Version of 3.2.a.1 (Alpha) Now Available for Download and Testing

Event Espresso 3.2.a.1 (Alpha) Now Available for Download

Event Espresso 3.2.a.1 (Alpha) Now Available for Download

We are pleased to announce the first Alpha release of Event Espresso, 3.2 is available for download. This first release brings to life several important changes and highlight the future of Event Espresso.

Some of the most significant changes are:

  • a new checkout process that allows attendees to select multiple ticket types
  • a new admin interface that optimizes and consolidates the event editor page
  • greater granularity with respect to managing transactions, registrations and attendees
  • additional reporting by transactions, registrations and attendees
  • improved pricing and discounting options
  • added pretty permalinks (SEO-friendly URLs)
  • added affiliate tracking capabilities
  • And more, review our complete 3.2 Change Log and comparison screenshots for more details.

Customers with a current support license can download 3.2.a.1 for free to help us test the next major release.

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Printable tickets updated and included in the Business and Developer Licences

Espresso Ticketing

Event Ticketing Plugin for WordPress

Event Ticketing Plugin for WordPress

When we launched the new website we also added a few gems into a few of the licenses. One of those jewels is that our WordPress event ticketing plugin (addon) is now included in the Business and Developer Licenses, at no additional cost.

Our event ticketing plugin gives you the ability to require tickets to your event. After registration, attendees are given a PDF or HTML ticket to print (which can be customized) and bring with them to the event. With our WordPress mobile ticketing apps you can scan the tickets to validate payment and check-in attendees at the door.

Event Ticketing Plugin Updated

We’ve also made some upgrades that include:

  • HTML-based tickets that you can customize yourself
  • Print a ticket at home or view it on your mobile device
  • Venue information and Google Map integration right in the ticket
  • Upload your business logo to display on your ticket right from the back-end
  • Support for multiple ticket templates that can be assigned to different events

Our printable event ticketing addon is better than it’s ever been and more affordable than it’s ever been.

WordPress Mobile Ticketing Apps for iPhone and Android

WordPress Mobile Ticketing Apps for iPhone and Android Devices

Save More than 57%

Our event ticketing addon sells for $169.95, but it has been included in the Business License for free. That makes the value of the Business License over $425, but it’s all been bundled for only $179.95. This saves you more than 57%, and you can save even more with the Developer License.

If you have the Business or Developer License, download it today from your account page. If you don’t have the Business or Developer license yet, upgrade today.

Do you already use the Ticketing addon? We’d love for you to comment below with how you use tickets for your event, how it helps you and share an example of your sweet new ticket design.

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Version 3.0.19 Now Available for Download

ImageAnother stable version of Event Espresso is available to download. We recommend you upgrade now. This upgrade includes the improvements made in version 3.0.18.

  • Version 3.0.19.b.7
  • Added two columns to the attendee overview in the admin area. One column shows the price/ticket option, the other shows the time of the event chosen.
  • Version 3.0.19.b.7
  • Removing from beta. Everything seems to be pretty stable for most users.
  • Fixed a lot of potential problems with the language files. It seems some of the translations had return and new line breaks (\r\n) in them. This seems to have caused lots of problems for international users. Hopefully removing these pieces of code and formatting the text located in the translation functions will fix this problem.
  • Version 3.0.19.b.6
  • There was still a problem when registering attendees from the same computer for free events or when payment was not finalized (ie. downloading an invoice or paying by check.) This has been fixed in the gateway files and template files. If you are not using the default payment gateways or templates, you will need to make sure these are updated.
  • Attendees with a ‘Pending’ payment status are now counted as a paid attendee.Added the payment_overview.php template for displaying payment information after a payment has been made or if clicking on the payment details link. This will also display if  the attendee chooses to pay using cash or check payment option, provided they click the new ‘finalize registration’ link, if these modules are active.
  • Clicking the ‘Download PDF Invoice’ payment option will now mark the attendees as pending.
  • Added a ‘finalize registration’ link when using cash or check payment gateways. Clicking the ‘finalize registration’ link will mark the attendees as ‘Pending’ in the payment overview.
  • Version 3.0.19.b.5
  • Added filters for displaying events and attendees in the Event Overview page. Filter events by month/year, category, active/inactive/deleted status. Ability to show all, today’s, and this months events.
  • Filter attendees by month/year, category, payment status. Search by email address, name, transaction id, payment type/status, etc. Ability to show all, today’s, and this months attendees.
  • Added “Edit” and “Delete” links to the additional attendees
  • Fixed emails not showing the right information for attendees and additional attendees. As long as the primary attendee updates the additional attendee data, it should display the custom questions properly.
  • Fixed the bug when multiple people register from the same computer, for the same event, the previous record was deleted. As long as everyone goes through the entire process and pays, the previous wont be deleted.
  • When registering for free events the registration is now finalized and does not delete the old record when using the same computer to register for the same event twice.
  • Added fix to remove the HTML entities from the PayPal response
  • Fixed the coupon code bug
  • Version 3.0.19.b.3
  • Fixed an error in the email.php. Was missing an ‘>’ in one of the array variables for the address on line #126.
  • Version 3.0.19.b.2
  • Added the option to choose the amount of events to display in the admin dashboard.
  • Version 3.0.19.b.1
  • Updated attendee and event listing pages in the admin area
  • Fixed problems with editing custom questions in the attendee editor and confirmation pages
  • Fixed excel export problems
  • Fixed HTML formatting error in the dashboard widget

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Sneak Peek: New Event Manager Admin

Development on Event Espresso continues and we wanted to give our event managers a sneak peek of the new event admin coming in version 3.0.18. This may be replacing the Attendees/Payments page and Event Setup pages. These two pages will be combined into one “Event Overview” page where you can click to add a new event or view all the information (previously available on two pages.)

We’ve added the following event management options:

  • Quick Filtering Options – all current events, today’s events, and this month’s events
  • Advanced Filtering Options – month/year, categories, and active/inactive status
  • Improved Column Sorting
  • Event Start Dates and Times
  • Registration Start Date and Times
  • Actions – view event (magnifying glass icon), edit event (edit icon), view attendees (people icon), view shortcodes (<> icon), export excel (excel icon), export csv (csv icon), and send event newsletter (mail icon).

Here is a comparison of the new version (on the left) with the current version (on the right)

Event Manager Admin Comparison Dec. 2010

Event Manager Admin Comparison Dec. 2010

Here is a closer view of the new event manager admin.

Event Manger New Admin, Version 3.0.18

Event Manger New Admin, Version 3.0.18

We believe this new design, will make Event Espresso more convenient and efficient for event managers, than ever before.

What do you think? Any additional suggestions?

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Version 3.0.17 Released

We’d like to announce the most advanced version of Event Espresso. Version 3.0.17 makes improvements upon the existing features and paves the way for new ones. See the release notes for complete details and upgrading.

Some of the Important Improvements in 3.0.17

Event Espresso Calendar

Event Espresso Calendar

  • A rewritten registration system to allow for easier customization.
  • A rewritten payment gateway system to allow for additional payment gateways.
  • Added a custom email manager to create customized emails for use in multiple events.
  • Added support for custom post types and shortcodes for posts.
  • Enabled multiple post categories in edit_event.php
  • Added support for the Recurring Events Manager addon.
  • Added address2 field for event the address.
  • Updated the event_espresso_get_price function to include early pricing in the display.
  • Fixed coupon system on the attendee list page.
  • Fixed the /templates/return_payment.php file.
  • Added the espresso_event_category_data($event_id) function to get the category details of an event.
  • Added a “Secondary” status to to events. This will allow events to be set up as a secondary status for use as overflow or waiting list events.
  • Fixed some style issues in admin styles.css
  • Added an export all attendees (for all events) button.
  • External Registration URLs. Can be used to link to external websites or registration pages.

See the release notes for complete details and upgrading.


Create a Custom Post

Create a Custom Post

Custom Post Type Editor

Custom Post Type Editor

Calendar Week View

Calendar Week View

List of Attendees

List of Attendees

Movie Listings

Movie Listings (in Custom Files Addon)

See the release notes for complete details and upgrading.

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