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A New Direction For the Event Espresso 4 Support Licenses


Since February when we released EE4 without any add-ons, we’ve realized that many people don’t need add-ons (such as the calendar); all they need is the core plugin. These users also do not want to be required to purchase something they do not need. As such, we’ve changed our method of packaging add-ons with the core plugin. The Event Espresso 4 Personal and Developer Licenses will no longer include add-ons. Add-ons can be purchased separately by anyone with at least a Personal Support License (whether EE3 or EE4 Personal Support License).

What is happening to the EE4 Developer License?

The EE4 Developer License is now an even better value. The EE4 Developer License includes five license keys, and more can be added at any time. Plus, when you purchase any of our add-on products, you can use those licenses across any of your active developer sites. This makes the EE4 Developer License more valuable with each add-on you purchase because you get even more great event registration software at a greater discount.

Where is the EE4 Business License?

In the near future we will offer a “Business License” (might be a different name) that is essentially a package that offers “one of everything” at a significantly discounted rate. This will allow event managers to get access to all our great event registration software for a super price. This support license package is yet to released.

These changes make Event Espresso more affordable and accessible to all event managers and WordPress developers.

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Event Espresso and the GPL

There was quite a stir last week when theme developer, Jake Caputo, posted on his blog that he was disallowed from speaking or volunteering at his local WordCamp because he sells his themes on ThemeForest. If you’re interested in learning about the issue and the discussion, you can take a look at his post and the summary I wrote on my personal blog. This post isn’t going to be about whether or not Jake should be able to present at WordCamps.

We wanted to take a few minutes to talk about the GPL and how it applies to Event Espresso. I tend to be the resident GPL evangelist, so I was asked to be the one to write this post on how the GPL plays into what we do at Event Espresso.

What is the GPL?

GPL stands for Gnu Public License, and it is the software license under which WordPress is distributed. Briefly, it is an agreement between the software developer and the user about how the software can be used and what the expectations of the software may be. There are a few key points that are important to remember when discussing the GPL:

1. The GPL affects distribution.

The GPL license only affects code that you distribute to other parties. Writing code for a web site or client, that never gets released for public consumption beyond that site, does not need to have the GPL license attached to it.

2. The GPL does not include any warranty or guarantee of support.

In fact, the GPL explicitly states that the code might not even work at all!

3. The GPL grants the user (anyone with a copy of the code) the freedom to take, modify and/or redistribute the code.

This means you can take any GPL code and re-release it as you see fit, though you need to put your name on anything you change, so someone can get in touch with you if there are problems.

4. All WordPress plugins and themes must be released under a GPL-compatible license.

This does not mean that WordPress plugins and themes must be released under the GPL exclusively, nor does it mean that everything in a WordPress plugin or theme must be licensed with the GPL. Internal usage within an organization is totally free and not subject to any conditions. There is no such thing as ‘internal distribution’ that would restrict the usage of your code by requiring it to be GPL’d. It does mean that if you are releasing a WordPress plugin or theme for distribution, that it needs to be — in part or in whole — released under a GPL or compatible license.

What’s a “split-license”?

Matt posted a few days ago a comment in response to Japh, the WP Evangelist at ThemeForest, that there is “no such thing as a split-license”. I’ll therefore avoid perpetuating the misnomer, but clarify what the intended meaning is. A package that is distributed in which one license is applied to one part of the package (e.g. the php files) and another license is applied to another part of the package (e.g. images, css, javascript), has been commonly referred to as a “split-license”, which is what is currently in place on ThemeForest and CodeCanyon. It should be stated that there is absolutely nothing wrong with this — it does not violate the GPL in any way. However, as I point out in my blog post, the reason why it’s an issue when a ThemeForest theme developer volunteers for a WordCamp is because it violates the WordCamp guidelines that have been set out by the WordPress Foundation about who can (and can’t) be involved in the organizing of a WordCamp.

What does that mean for Event Espresso?

As a premium plugin developer, it’s a difficult position to be in. The GPL makes it so anyone can get a copy of your plugin and resell it, or just provide a link to a full version of a piece of software that — in our case — has been the product of literally tens of thousands of hours of development. This is why, when you purchase Event Espresso, you are not buying the code.  You are paying for support and updates for the length of the license — the very things that the GPL implicitly does not provide. People are always finding ways to pirate software, and WordPress themes and plugins are no different. However, as I always like to say, good luck getting support. With Event Espresso, if you found a copy online (outside of our site) you would not be able to access the forums except for the free forums or the translator forums (where it would become obvious pretty quickly that you were not using the free version or had a question relating to the translations based on your version and your questions) and only limited access to our support documentation. And you would have no access to updates of any kind.

We are proud of our dedication to open source software. We are actively seeking new partnerships with other WordPress developers, and the API we’re developing will expand Event Espresso events to sites that don’t even run on WordPress. If you have questions about the GPL, take a look at the Frequently Asked Questions on or feel free to contact me on Twitter — I love talking about the GPL helping people understand what it is and how it works!

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Printable tickets updated and included in the Business and Developer Licences

Espresso Ticketing

Event Ticketing Plugin for WordPress

Event Ticketing Plugin for WordPress

When we launched the new website we also added a few gems into a few of the licenses. One of those jewels is that our WordPress event ticketing plugin (addon) is now included in the Business and Developer Licenses, at no additional cost.

Our event ticketing plugin gives you the ability to require tickets to your event. After registration, attendees are given a PDF or HTML ticket to print (which can be customized) and bring with them to the event. With our WordPress mobile ticketing apps you can scan the tickets to validate payment and check-in attendees at the door.

Event Ticketing Plugin Updated

We’ve also made some upgrades that include:

  • HTML-based tickets that you can customize yourself
  • Print a ticket at home or view it on your mobile device
  • Venue information and Google Map integration right in the ticket
  • Upload your business logo to display on your ticket right from the back-end
  • Support for multiple ticket templates that can be assigned to different events

Our printable event ticketing addon is better than it’s ever been and more affordable than it’s ever been.

WordPress Mobile Ticketing Apps for iPhone and Android

WordPress Mobile Ticketing Apps for iPhone and Android Devices

Save More than 57%

Our event ticketing addon sells for $169.95, but it has been included in the Business License for free. That makes the value of the Business License over $425, but it’s all been bundled for only $179.95. This saves you more than 57%, and you can save even more with the Developer License.

If you have the Business or Developer License, download it today from your account page. If you don’t have the Business or Developer license yet, upgrade today.

Do you already use the Ticketing addon? We’d love for you to comment below with how you use tickets for your event, how it helps you and share an example of your sweet new ticket design.

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