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Is your Event Business Losing Money from Eventbrite Fees?

Let me tell you a story about a small town quilting company that’s losing over $21,000 from Eventbrite fees and charges, annually.

Is your Event Business Losing Money from Eventbrite Fees?

Starting as a Small Family Business

Modern Quilt Company (not the real name), and we’ll call it MQC for short…started out about ten years ago as a small family business in a small rural town. Employment was scarce in that small town, and local enterprise abandoned the city many years ago. Buildings were left abandoned, and the local infrastructure was crumbling, while many of the residents had to travel long distances to work, or eventually left the area altogether to find employment elsewhere.

Learn how to create a Quilt Retreat Booking website. Quilting, not your thing? Create your own event planning business.

The founder of MQC’s father, Greg, commuted an hour and a half to work each way as a mechanic at the local newspaper. He worked long hours and many night shifts to support his wife (Shauna) and his seven children. In 2008, when he lost a hefty portion of his retirement savings in the market crash and at a time when the newspaper industry was laying off people every month, his son’s James and Sammy concocted an idea to start a business that could help their parents towards retirement. (more…)

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New Feature: Filter Tickets by Date

Hello, everyone! We’ve recently launched a new premium feature in Event Espresso (as of 4.9.27.p) that allows your customers to filter tickets by date. If you have ever used the Multiple Datetimes Per Event feature when configuring your event to occur on multiple days, you know that sometimes there can be a lot of ticket options (one for each Datetime, etc.).

New Feature- Filter tickets by date

To make the process of selecting the correct ticket for the right day(s) easier for your audience, we have added a setting that allows you to turn on a date filter so that your registrants can filter available ticket options by date.


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Using LinkedIn Marketing to Build Awareness Around your Event Business

Feeling the need to stand out in the overly crowded world of event businesses? Did you know that LinkedIn can help build awareness around your event business? With nearly 470 million registered users and spread over 200 countries, LinkedIn is more than just a resume-displaying platform. Utilizing LinkedIn for your event business is essential if you want to grow. In fact, it is an often overlooked but powerful marketing avenue for small-to-large event businesses, conferences, and event planners in general.

using linkedin to build awareness around your event business


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Using Twitter Marketing to Build Event Awareness

This week we’ll be taking a deep dive into using Twitter marketing to build awareness around your events. I’ll try to cover everything related to Twitter marketing and how to employ it as a tool for event marketing. I’ve included a lot of information in this post, so if you already know about Twitter, or don’t care about seeing Twitter stats, please feel free to skip ahead. I’ve outlined the topics for you below.

Using Twitter Marketing to Build Event Awareness


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WordCamp Salt Lake City 2016

Hey Event Espresso users in Utah! WordCamp Salt Lake City is happening this weekend.

wordcamp salt lake city 2016

If you want to learn more about WordPress, meet new people, and have a great time while doing so, then WordCamp Salt Lake City is the place to be. You might even get to meet some of the biggest names in the WordPress community, such as Chris Reynolds, Carrie Dils, and Garth Mortensen. (more…)

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Updated: Android & Apple Event App for Event Espresso 4

We’re happy to announce that we’ve recently released some updates to our Android and Apple event app. The latest round of event app updates include many new features, security fixes, and optimizations.

Latest Event App Updates

New features

  • Added a new UI to show registrations in group when scanning
  • Added a new UI for sorting registrations by name and registration date
  • Added a new UI for event sorting by name and date of event
  • Added a filter for paid/unpaid and approved/unapproved registrations
  • Added the name of datetime to the individual event screen
  • Added tabs tabs for today’s, upcoming, past, and all events
  • Added three new scanning modes (lookup attendee, continuous scanning, continuous check-in only)
  • Added a refresh button to the event details screen
  • Added currency formatting that is set on Event Espresso powered website
  • Added ability to auto-discover API URL (if you’ve changed your default API URL, the app should auto-discover the available API URL)
  • Added a link a link to our documentation page on the login page of the app
  • Added an alert if the payment has not been made when scanning


  • Fixed issues with logging in to app if no events were published
  • Show a “no records found” message when there are no results in search, or otherwise
  • Exclude incomplete and trashed registrations
  • Don’t show events if unable to authenticate
  • Disallow check-in for other datetimes

Coming Soon

  • Use timezone offset from WP > Settings Timezone (we’re still working on updates to the REST API to support this feature)

Get Started Now

Download the Mobile Ticketing App | View Documentation

Android Event App Apple Event App


  • Event Espresso version 4.8.41+ (Works w/ Decaf & Regular)
  • WordPress version 4.5+
  • Apple: iOS version 9+
  • Android: KitKat version 4.1+
  • Optional: Ticketing add-on (required for scanning tickets)


Depending on your device settings, updates may, or may not be downloaded and installed automatically onto your device. If the app is not updated automatically, please visit the Android and Apple store on your device to initiate the update manually.


If you have trouble using the mobile event app, see our event app documentation page or contact us in the support forums.


Here are some screenshots from the latest version of the Event Espresso mobile event app:




















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2016 WordPress Hosting Survey Results

Back in April, we invited our community to participate in a WordPress website hosting survey. This WordPress hosting survey is intended as a public service to the Event Espresso and WordPress communities. Our only interest is to provide these communities more information so they can choose the best WordPress hosting given their needs.

We are pleased to share the (not-statistically-valid) results of our 2016 hosting survey. Of the 115 total results, we only included results for hosts with four or more complete responses, but you are free to look at the full results yourself.

What is web hosting?

Definition: Web hosting is the activity or service of providing storage space to individuals or organizations, for the websites that are accessible via World Wide Web. Learn more about web hosting

Note: This post contains affiliate links, which means that if you click on one of the hosting links and signup for their hosting services, we may receive monetary compensation.

WordPress Hosting Survey Results

Hosting Support

  1. SiteGround: 5.0
  2. WP Engine: 4.8
  3. Digital Ocean: 4.6
  4. DreamHost: 4.2
  5. HostGator, Godaddy, & Site5: 3.5
  6. Bluehost: 3.4

Hosting Uptime

  1. SiteGround & WP Engine: 5.0
  2. DreamHost: 4.7
  3. GoDaddy: 4.6
  4. Digital Ocean: 4.4
  5. Hostgator: 4
  6. Bluehost: 3.75
  7. Site5: 3.2

Hosting Features

  1. Digital Ocean, SiteGround & WP Engine: 4.8
  2. Bluehost, DreamHost, GoDaddySite5: 4.2
  3. Hostgator: 3.6

Hosting Value

  1. SiteGround: 5
  2. WP Engine: 4.5
  3. Digital Ocean: 4.4
  4. DreamHost: 4.2
  5. Hostgator & GoDaddy: 3.8
  6. Bluehost: 3.4
  7. Site5: 3.2

Average Scores for Website Hosting

  1. SiteGround: 4.91
  2. WP Engine: 4.77
  3. Digital Ocean: 4.5
  4. GoDaddy: 4.22
  5. DreamHost: 4.36
  6. Hostgator: 4.0
  7. Bluehost: 3.68
  8. Site5: 3.62

Closing Comments:

We’d like to take the liberty to share a a few points of interest about these hosts:

  • Again this year, SiteGround and WP Engine are leading the pack for best WordPress hosting all around. While GoDaddy seems to have improved significantly since 2015.
  • Unfortunately InMotion Hosting, Liquid Web, and a few others were excluded from the lists above, because we didn’t receive enough responses. Full results can be viewed here.

WordPress Hosting in General

  • Collectively, Uptime (4.64/5) and Features (4.49/5) received the highest average scores, while Support (4.24/5) and Overall Value (4.32/5) received the lowest average scores.
  • On average, respondents are spending about $55/mo on hosting. That seems to be up $5 from last year’s survey results.

Our Perspective

Over the past 7 years, we’ve struggled with our own hosting issues. We’ve also seen our customers struggle with low cost/cheap hosting the most; while customers that have spent a little more on WordPress hosting from the start have had much better success with ticket sales and up-time.

With the right hosting environment your ticket sales can really soar. For example, our hosted ticketing service, Event Smart, is able to process over 1,000 registrations per hour on Amazon Web Services hosting. Of course there’s no way we could do that with a shared hosting provider, or even some dedicated servers.

Notable Respondent Comments

Unedited responses from our 2016 WordPress Hosting Survey:

  • When it comes to hosting YOU really do get what you pay for. We use and highly recommend WP Engine. Why, because they listen to their customers.They are NOT the cheapest hosting provider and that’s OK cause were not interested in cheap We are interested in keeping our website up and an ensuring that the Security Side always taken care of by professionals. The range of tools they offer for User and Developers alike is cutting edge. No CPanel..what they have built is more intuitive and easier to understand and use. Above all their Customer support is experienced with WordPress and have the technical background to support their clients. IN the end run this means more money in my pocket as I don’t have to chase down security issues and if I have a question, I get someone with the knowledge to answer it.
  • I actually use all three of your top contenders: InMotion VPS, SiteGround, and WPEngine. InMotion was great several years ago, but service and overall value have dropped since they grew so fast. Their higher priced VPS accounts you would think would come with more support, but just the opposite is true. SiteGround is very attentive. They answer the phone and chat straight away, but we have experienced more than one serious screw-up due to the language differences and their haste to get tickets completed. WPE has its own set of issues, of course. No cpanel there. You have to play by their rules, but when you do everything just flows smoothly. It is also comforting to know whoever you contact there probably knows more about WordPress than you!
  • I have tried a some of the hosts in the list and they are AWFUL: Arvixe, HostGator, Small Orange. Arvixe and Small Orange used to be good when they were small, but once they got to be a certain size, the customer support, speed, and reliability all went downhill. I have found this to be the case with nearly ALL webhosts, and have found that the only thing that can really be done when you are in the $50-100/month hosting range is to move around every few years to a host that is big enough to be fast, and small enough to still provide great technical support.

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