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The Power of The Silent Auction Bidding Sheet: A Beginner’s Guide

Silent Auction Bid Sheet

Imagine bidding on an excellent item or service you want and winning it while supporting a noble cause. Sounds fantastic, right? That’s what silent auctions are all about. Silent auctions are fun and effective fundraisers where you can bid on various items or services and take them home if you’re the highest bidder.

But there’s a twist: you need to use bid sheets, the papers that show the bids and the winners.

Knowing how to use bid sheets is important for silent auctions so that you don’t miss out on things you want. The lack of knowledge can lead to frustration and a reduced ability to contribute to the event’s success. 

This guide will help you create a captivating silent auction bid sheet that includes all the essential information such as the title item, bidder’s name, description, value, amount, and bid increments. We will also provide you with a free template that you can use or customize for your own silent auction event. And give you an idea of how to boost bidding and maximize fundraising success. 

Let’s get started!


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20 Event Planning Quotes to Inspire Event Planners 

Event Planning Qoutes

Event planning is a rewarding and dynamic career but can also be a stressful one. It requires carefully thought-out strategies. If you’re an event planner looking for an inspirational event planning quote and some leadership insights, then you’ve come to the right place. 


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How To Write An Effective Event Sponsorship Letter

How To Write An Effective Event Sponsorship Letter

An event sponsorship is usually most common in fundraising efforts for nonprofit organizations but any ordinary event can enjoy the benefits of having a sponsor. To successfully secure a potential sponsor, event organizers must learn the art of writing effective event sponsorship letters.

Before we dive in on how you can write a sponsorship letter, it is important to understand the purpose and definition of event sponsorship.


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40 Workshop Ideas and Examples For Your Next Event

workshop ideas

Hosting a workshop is an efficient way to impart value to your community. There is an art to creating and facilitating successful workshops. If you’re a brand or organization or an expert, this blog offers a complete list of workshop ideas and examples you can use for your workshop event planning.


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Eventbrite Scams: Uncovering Tickets Scams and How to Avoid Them

Eventbrite Scams: Uncovering ticket scams and How to avoid them

Are you ready to scream your heart out to cheer for your favorite sports team? Or dive into the world of knowledge at a captivating workshop or conference? There’s no experience quite like the exhilarating rush of attending a breathtaking and unforgettable event. But hold on tight because there’s a dark cloud looming over the ticket-buying experience: the rise of ticket scams and Eventbrite scams!

As the popularity of online ticketing platforms skyrockets, the risk of becoming a victim of deceitful ticket scams also looms larger. Fraudulent people posting as ticket sellers are becoming more sophisticated, making it crucial for us to understand the signs of a scam and take preventive measures.

Ticket fraud is a pervasive issue that continues to plague event-goers, as highlighted by various sources. According to reports from Action Fraud, a UK national reporting center for fraud and cybercrime, victims have lost an average of £365 per person to ticket fraud scams.

In one year alone, concert ticket fraud in the UK resulted in a staggering loss of over £3 million, prompting a stern warning from Action Fraud. Unfortunately, the problem extends beyond the UK, as evidenced by a CNBC report indicating that approximately 12% of concert ticket buyers fall victim to scams.

The situation to date has only worsened, with ticket fraud reports doubling since the start of 2022, as indicated by Cyber Magazine. These alarming statistics underscore the need for caution when purchasing tickets and for individuals and event organizers to remain vigilant to avoid falling victim to fraudulent schemes.

Now, let’s delve into the world of Eventbrite scams, unravel the tactics employed by scammers, and equip you with practical tips to safeguard yourself against these fraudulent activities.


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From Ordinary to Extraordinary: The Impact of Corporate Event Entertainment

Man speaking during a corporate event as part of their corporate event entertainment.

Welcome to the world of corporate events; a world where business blends with pleasure.

When it comes to planning a successful company event or corporate party, there are key factors that make it truly memorable. Venue, food, and networking opportunities are undeniably important when it comes to events. Yet, there’s one element that is often overlooked and that’s—entertainment.

Entertainment is the third most important reason for attending corporate events, with a staggering 38% of attendees emphasizing its significance.

Today, we will introduce you to the power of corporate event entertainment and how it can elevate your event from ordinary to extraordinary. We’ll discuss why entertainment is important for creating a fun and engaging experience for attendees.

From captivating performances to interactive experiences, we’ll uncover the secrets to choosing the perfect company event entertainment. Entertainment that leaves a lasting impression on the employees and clients.

So, if you’re ready to unlock the potential of good entertainment and take your corporate events to new heights, read on. Get ready to ignite the spark of excitement and foster meaningful connections. As well as create memories that will linger long after the event concludes.

Let’s dive into the world of corporate event entertainment. And discover how these corporate event entertainment ideas can transform your next gathering into an unforgettable experience.


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The Use Of AI In Event Planning

AI tools in event planning

Artificial Intelligence has made its waves in different industries and the events industry is no exception. We witness Artificial Intelligence (AI) almost in our daily lives – when we shout “Alexa!” to our smart gadgets, when we use voice tools for our phones, when the algorithm of our social media feeds is curated to what will interest us, and many more. 

While there are fears as to whether AI can replace human jobs, there is one thing that AI can’t replace – the connection and bond that only happens during events. Artificial intelligence can’t fully disrupt the events industry completely, it can be used tremendously for event planning. 

This article will list the different uses of AI in event planning. We’ll also discover some event planning applications that event planners can find useful. 


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A Complete Guide On How To Prepare To Host A Seminar

A woman speaking in front of women on a seminar.

Hosting a seminar is one effective way to contribute value to your audience or community. Preparing well for a seminar might be tedious but it will be worth the effort because the long-term results for your brand are great. It is one way to establish credibility and build brand awareness in your field. Seminars are great avenues to deliver value to your audience. 

Aside from building your presence with your audience, seminars are a great avenue for networking which audiences generally look forward to. People usually long for connection so being able to connect with colleagues in the industry and having an opportunity to expand business networks is usually a convincing factor for attendees to participate in a seminar. For event organizers, the audience of a seminar is usually considered as leads for conversion or for building a community. 

In this article, we will give a complete guide on everything you need to know plus additional tips on how to prepare a seminar. 


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Virtual Event Survey Questions: Must-Have Survey Questions for Your Virtual Event

 Virtual Event Survey Question text and call outs with question mark on blue back ground.

Do your virtual events regularly leave you feeling like you are barking into the void? Do you want to know if those in your audience are paying attention or merely scrolling?

Virtual events have become increasingly popular since the pandemic. Virtual or online events offer the convenience of attending from anywhere without needing travel and accommodation expenses, increasing attendee satisfaction. However, like any event, it is essential to gather feedback from attendees to gather information about how to improve your future events.

Virtual event survey questions help unleash the power of participant feedback. A virtual event survey is a pleasant and exciting way to gather information, enhance your events, and show your guests that their opinions count. 

Prepare for game-changing strategies on how to transform your virtual events into the most talked-about and highly anticipated events. (more…)

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Event Timeline Template: How To Make One And Get Free Samples For Your Next Event

the phrase event timeline template next to an hourglass that is surrounded by icons

Stressed from all the chaos that comes with planning an event? Ready to take your planning game to the next level and show everyone who’s boss? It’s time to introduce you to the ultimate weapon in your event planning arsenal – the event timeline template.

This powerful tool will keep you organized and on track leading up to your event, no matter how big or small. It’s time to say goodbye to the days of herding cats and feeling like you’re drowning in a sea of tasks and deadlines. With the event timeline template, you’ll be able to dominate your event planning game and achieve event success like never before.

We’ll give you insider tips on how to customize your timeline to fit your unique needs, and even throw in some free samples to get your creative juices flowing. 

It’s time to take your event planning to the next level with the event timeline template. Are you ready to dominate? Let’s go! (more…)

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