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7 Ways to Upsell Event Registrations and Tickets with Event Espresso

Upselling can be good for your business and great for your attendees too. Good upselling is more about excellent customer service than it is about aggressive sales tactics. The opportunity for upselling your event is all around you. Event Espresso, which is an online event registration and ticketing plugin for WordPress, offers you many opportunities to upsell your events so that you can maximize your event revenue. This article will share what upselling is, the argument for upselling, upselling strategies, recognizing upselling opportunities, handling objections and tracking upsells for your online event registration and ticketing with Event Espresso and WordPress.


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Event SEO: How to Optimize Your Event Website for Search

Event search engine optimizationOptimizing your event website for search can help you rank higher in search engines, increase traffic to your event site, and boost ticket sales and registrations.

People will often search for an event they are considering to attend to get more information and make an informed decision. Showing up in their search results and getting them to land on your event website gives you the opportunity to showcase your upcoming event and convert visitors into attendees.

With this in mind, in this article, we’ll share some actionable steps that you can take to optimize your website or landing page for search engines. Before we begin, let’s quickly step through some essential event information that you should be publishing on your website. (more…)

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8 Proven Tips to Increase Event Ticket Sales in 2018

This post was written by our featured developer partner, WisdmLabs.

Event Sales Tips
With a new year come new beginnings; that means new events too.

World over, there are thousands of events conducted each year. Be it sports, cultural events, shopping, food, music, or anything else under the sun; you think of something and there will be an event related to that. The success of an event is defined, in part, by the number of tickets sold.

More ticket sales means higher attendance, greater income, more popularity, and a fruitful endeavor. If maximizing sales of event tickets is your aim for 2018, then read on.

8 proven ideas for increasing event ticket sales in 2018

First and foremost, set a realistic target revenue you want to earn. Then, depending on the number of events you do annually, break down the amount to arrive at a figure that you should be seeing at the end of every ticket sale. This will give you a number to work with, making it easier to channel your efforts accordingly. (more…)

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A Guide to Event Marketing on Pinterest

Pinterest isn’t just another time-killing-app. Pinterest is leading the way in event marketing.

Event Marketing with Pinterest (1)

According to an article, I found, Pinterest pins are 100 times more spreadable than a tweet, with the retweet average hitting only 1.4%. And, as for Facebook, the half-life of a pin is 1,680x longer than a Facebook post. I soon came to realize that Pinterest is a great tool for any event businesses, in particular for promoting upcoming and past events. (more…)

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Using LinkedIn Marketing to Build Awareness Around your Event Business

Feeling the need to stand out in the overly crowded world of event businesses? Did you know that LinkedIn can help build awareness around your event business? With nearly 470 million registered users and spread over 200 countries, LinkedIn is more than just a resume-displaying platform. Utilizing LinkedIn for your event business is essential if you want to grow. In fact, it is an often overlooked but powerful marketing avenue for small-to-large event businesses, conferences, and event planners in general.

using linkedin to build awareness around your event business


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Using Twitter Marketing to Build Event Awareness

This week we’ll be taking a deep dive into using Twitter marketing to build awareness around your events. I’ll try to cover everything related to Twitter marketing and how to employ it as a tool for event marketing. I’ve included a lot of information in this post, so if you already know about Twitter, or don’t care about seeing Twitter stats, please feel free to skip ahead. I’ve outlined the topics for you below.

Using Twitter Marketing to Build Event Awareness


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Using Facebook Marketing to Boost Ticket Sales

It’s becoming increasingly less useful to promote your events, classes, or conferences using offline methods, such as print or local television ads. In this day in age, even online methods of advertising, such as Google Ads and Facebook Marketing, are becoming less effective. It’s hard to cut through all of the noise when we get constantly bombarded with messaging about new products, services, and 21st-century gimmicks. Sometimes I wish we could go back to a time like when we were young.

Boost ticket sales with Facebook Marketing (more…)

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Using Social Media Marketing to Boost Event Awareness

Whether you plan events year round, or once a year, promoting your event is essential to it’s success. The advances in social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) alone have changed the structure of event planning and promotion in unimaginable ways over the last decade. In 2016 there were some 195.7 million social network users in the U.S., the equivalent of about three quarters of the country’s population. According to estimates, the number of worldwide social media users reached 1.96 billion and is expected to grow to some 2.5 billion by 2018. On average, global internet users spend around 118 minutes per day surfing social networks.

2016 social media stats

2016 Social Media Stats


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Call for Sponsors: EE4 Promotional Codes & Discounts

donationsEE4 Promotional Codes & Discounts Possible Features

Incentives are important to selling-out an event within a certain timeline, or helping encourage people to attend that are more price-sensitive. You can leverage promotion and discount codes add-on to incentivize people to register now or make your events more affordable for others.

Help us fund our next major feature! Please head over to our Indiegogo campaign page and make a donation.

For now we are starting with “Phase I” features and will move on to “Phase II” ideas/features once we release the first phase of the add-on.

Phase I Features

These controls are managed on an event-by-event basis via Promotions Overview, and Promotions Details pages.

  1. Discount text (code)
  2. Discount name
  3. Discount amount
  4. Discount is percentage (if not then dollar amount)
  5. Discount scope: event
  6. Discount description
  7. # Uses (the number of times a discount can be used per scope item)
  8. Start/End dates (based on certain dates/times)
  9. Custom promo code applied/denied messages
  10. Integration into the Order Confirmation
  11. Integration into the transaction/accounting details system


  1. Discount scope: cart, ticket, username/email, event category, author, datetime, venue
  2. # Global Uses (the TOTAL number of times a discount can be used)
  3. Global codes (meaning that a discount code will apply to all events by default without having to select it in the event editor for each event)
  4. Apply before/after discount/surcharge calculation based on price hierarchy

How can you help?

Well, the time has come to start bringing in some heavy hitting features like Promotional Codes & Discounts, Multiple Event Registration, and WordPress User Integration…And now we want to see if our community will embrace an opportunity to contribute to powerful event registration and ticketing features.

Quite a few of you have mentioned that you would consider donating to the development of certain EE4 features. We are experimenting with crowd sourcing as a way for ALL of you to participate in sponsored development.

This is where you come. We want to test the waters of “crowdbuilding” or “crowdfunding” a few add-ons and features in EE4. We want to hear from you, and create the tools you need for your businesses. Your donations will help us and other users to create the features the Event Espresso community needs.

We are only asking for $10,000 to fund this development, so please head over to our Indiegogo campaign page and make a donation.

How does this help with prioritization of features?

Here’s the deal. Our development team has been hard at work for over a year making sure EE4 core is stable and as bug free as possible. Now, two of them have already started planning and building some aspects of the Promotional Codes & Discounts add-on, however, we have many more hours of rigorous development and testing left to do. Our current process for development of features relies on picking and choosing the most requested features. By crowdfunding Event Espresso features, we are letting YOU decide what we work on next.

Sponsors help us (EE) prioritize development that may not otherwise be accomplished within the same time frame. For example, new payment gateway sponsorships are moved to the front of the development queue, while other features are set on the back burner until we have more time and/or dedicated sponsors. This experiment will help us understand if users want to help prioritize the development of features they want by sponsoring via crowdfunding. We are actively looking for ways that benefit our users most, while still allowing us to sustain the business and growth of Event Espresso.

Why sponsor the Promotional Codes & Discounts add-on for Event Espresso 4?

The idea behind this to try helping each other, and everyone else in the Event Espresso community by keeping the prices low for this and future add-ons. In addition to keeping an add-ons prices lower, sponsors help us (EE) prioritize development that may not otherwise be accomplished within the same time frame. For example, new payment gateway sponsorships are moved to the front of the development queue, while major feature get pushed back until we have to work on them.

Please consider sponsoring the EE4 Promotional Codes and Discounts add-on. If you would like to know more, or requests other features, please fill out the Sponsor a Feature form and check out our Crowd Funding Development page.

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Amplify Exposure for your Events with the Events Social Sharing Add-on


Our Events Social Sharing add-on for Event Espresso 4 will allow your registrants/attendees to tell friends about their registration by sharing a message on social networks like Google +, Twitter, and Facebook. This is a great way to add some social proof and get the word out about your events.

Our add-on will add social sharing buttons for Twitter, Google +, and Facebook on the thank you page which appears at the end of registration checkout. Here is an example:


The Events Social Sharing add-on is a WordPress plugin and can be installed through your dashboard. You can purchase it today from our store.

Here is some additional information about the add-on that you may find helpful:

What version of Event Espresso is this add-on compatible with?
The add-on is compatible with Event Espresso 4.4.4 and up.

How can I change the heading?
Yes, this can be done using a WordPress filter and an example is available on our documentation page for the Events Social Sharing add-on.

Can I customize the tweet message for Twitter?
Yes, this can also be customized by using a gettext filter and an example is also available on our documentation page for the Events Social Sharing add-on.

Will other social networks be available?
The initial release of the add-on supports Twitter, Google +, and Facebook. We will introduce other social networks in a future release of the add-on.

Have a question about the add-on or need help with Event Espresso? Create a support post in our support forums and we’ll be happy to help you.

Need to Buy a Support License for the Events Social Sharing Add-on?

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