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EventON vs Event Espresso: Selling Tickets and Event Registrations with WordPress

Finding the right event management plugin to sell tickets and accept registrations can be difficult. While most solutions out there, like Event Espresso, offer core event features out of the box, others require you to purchase premium add-ons to implement basic functionality.

In this article, we’ll compare EventON vs Event Espresso in a six-step comparison to help you decide which plugin is right for you. Before we begin, let’s quickly step through the main features on offer with both plugins. (more…)

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Choosing the Right WordPress Event Calendar For Your Website

If you are a business owner or perhaps a marketing professional, you may organize and hold events throughout the year to attract prospective customers and engage them with your brand. Having an event calendar on your site can help you let visitors know your event schedule and allow you to display important event details.

In this article, we’ll start off by discussing what an events calendar is and why it’s important to have one. We’ll also introduce you to the Event Espresso WordPress event calendar. (more…)

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On Their Calendars…On Their Mind

If you are an event organizer then your goal is to get on the calendar of anyone who is interested in your type of event.  To help with that goal, you can make your online event[s] accessible for people to add your event to their own digital planners, their calendars!  This will help you stand out among other events and stay top of mind as your potential guests make their plans.

Adding iCal download links to your event registration confirmation emails or making them available as .ics file downloads makes it easy for attendees to save the event’s details directly to their personal calendar applications. And, if attendees put your upcoming event on their calendar they’re more likely to attend.

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A New Direction For the Event Espresso 4 Support Licenses


Since February when we released EE4 without any add-ons, we’ve realized that many people don’t need add-ons (such as the calendar); all they need is the core plugin. These users also do not want to be required to purchase something they do not need. As such, we’ve changed our method of packaging add-ons with the core plugin. The Event Espresso 4 Personal and Developer Licenses will no longer include add-ons. Add-ons can be purchased separately by anyone with at least a Personal Support License (whether EE3 or EE4 Personal Support License).

What is happening to the EE4 Developer License?

The EE4 Developer License is now an even better value. The EE4 Developer License includes five license keys, and more can be added at any time. Plus, when you purchase any of our add-on products, you can use those licenses across any of your active developer sites. This makes the EE4 Developer License more valuable with each add-on you purchase because you get even more great event registration software at a greater discount.

Where is the EE4 Business License?

In the near future we will offer a “Business License” (might be a different name) that is essentially a package that offers “one of everything” at a significantly discounted rate. This will allow event managers to get access to all our great event registration software for a super price. This support license package is yet to released.

These changes make Event Espresso more affordable and accessible to all event managers and WordPress developers.

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Event Espresso 4.2 and Events Calendar

Now Available!

We’d like to announce that Event Espresso 4.2 and the Events Calendar Add-on are now available. EE 4.2 includes over 60 changes and this is the first release of the Events Calendar Add-on for EE4.

Please note, EE 4.2+ is required before the EE4 Calendar Add-on will work.

Two New Major Features

Support for Mijireh Checkout

mijireh-checkout-largeAnnouncing the ability to integrate with over 90 different gateways and payment providers, using the Mijireh Checkout system! Mijireh Checkout is a PCI compliant checkout page that looks exactly like your site, with support for over 90 gateways and payment providers to use on Mijireh’s secure PCI compliant servers. (see the Payment Settings inside EE 4.2).

Mijireh Checkout helps increase your conversion rates by using your existing website design. Your checkout process remains seamless to your customers while Mijireh Checkout securely handles the collecting and transmitting of the credit card data for you.

Calendar Add-on for EE 4.2+

The Events Calendar allow you to display your events in a way that customers are familiar. Make it easy for your customers to find events and to add your events to their own calendars so they don’t forget!

The EE4 Calendar Add-on includes:

  • Inline calendar images
  • Category filtering
  • Venue filtering
  • Featured images
  • Datetime and format settings
  • Tooltips
  • Color coded categories
  • Better compatibility with themes
  • and much more!

Compatible with most responsive themes

Compatible with most responsive themes

EE4 Events Calendar

EE4 Events Calendar


Calendar Tooltips

Please note, EE 4.2+ is required before the EE4 Calendar Add-on will work.

Additional Features & Enhancements in EE 4.2

In addition to better out of the box support for themes and plugins, we have added an array of new features. These include drag and drop ordering of tickets in the event editor, ordering of questions within question groups, datetime names and descriptions, and the option to turn off the ticket selector in the event details page, and much more:

  • Added support for Mijireh Checkout
  • Added support for the Calendar Add-on
  • Drag and Drop ordering of tickets in the event editor
  • Order Questions by Question Group (no longer ordering questions by question order)
  • Option to turn OFF the Ticket Selector in the Event Details page for events without tickets/registrations
  • Ability to add/edit Event Datetime Names
  • Ability to add/edit Event Datetime Descriptions
  • Added Event Datetime Name messages shortcode
  • Event Datetime Description messages shortcode
  • Added datetime titles and descriptions to the order confirmation
  • Added front-end “Maintenance Mode” option
  • Added “Register Now” or “View Details” button in the event list when the Ticket Selector is turned off

New Hooks, Filters, and Stuff for Developers

Here are a few more of the new features and cool stuff for developers available in 4.2 and we’d like to invite you to take a look and offer feedback (praises, report bugs, etc.):

  • Hook/Filter to Set No-cost events as “Free”
  • Add filter so the email messenger CSS file can be swapped out by developers for another CSS file
  • Added a hook in the Admin panel after each ticket row description
  • Added a hook in the Admin panel after each ticket create and update model
  • Added hook in the Front-end after each ticket date on a single event
  • Made Single Page Check Out (SPCO) button text filterable
  • Models make acceptance of empty strings more consistent
  • Simplified the EE_System Constructor and Hook point’s to allow for external module/add-on/plugin development
  • EEH_Template::locate_template() to accept full paths as well as relatives paths (from plugin root)
  • Filter for adding caffeinated modules to EE_Config $modules_to_register array
  • Make Single Page Check Out (SPCO) button text filterable

4.2 Screenshots

Re-order tickets EE4

Drag and drop reordering of tickets.

Drag and drop ordering of questions in categories

Drag and drop ordering of questions in categories

Mijireh Event Espresso

Mijireh Checkout settings


Datetime Editor

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Calendar 2.0 brings images, tool tips, themes, a sidebar widget and more!

The new calendar add-on is now available to download in the forums for registered users of the Personal license and above.  Some of the new features include:

  • New calendar sidebar widget
  • Tool tip short descriptions (which support images in event descriptions)
  • Easy to use custom event category colors
  • Support for jQuery UI’s Themeroller
  • Custom color options
  • calendar thumbnail images

Calendar SettingsUpdate to the latest version of Event Espresso (3.1.24 or above) and the latest version of the Calendar add-on (2.0 or above). After activating, navigate over to the calendar settings page. You’ll be greeted with a brand new set of options to play with.

Some of the new features work with features you may have already been using. For example, the tooltips use the “display short descriptions” feature set in Event Espresso ? Template settings to display the full event description or just an excerpt. Be sure to use the <!--more--> tag in your event descriptions if you don’t want the full description to display in the tooltip.


Calendar tooltip

Calendar thumbnailYou can also enable or disable thumbnail images in the calendar events.*


*Note: In some cases, images may appear cut off or overflow into the next row of dates.  We are aware of the issues and are working on a new version that will resolve these issues. Please report any issues you have in the Calendar forums.

Another new feature is the ability to easily add colors to categories of events using a new color picker on the Categories page.  In this way, you can easily change the event background and text colors in your calendar.

Calendar 2.0 also brings jQuery Themeroller to the calendar.  If you’re unfamiliar with Themeroller, you can read up on the project page on the jQuery site.  In short, it’s a framework for building (and using) themes that can be easily swapped in and out or changed and provides a much wider range of design possibilities than the default styles of the calendar or your theme.  You can use one of the default themeroller themes (included with Event Espresso), create your own theme, or build one from the Themeroller site.

The Espresso Calendar is set for a rewrite later this year.  We hope these new features will provide some exciting new features for your event site.  Let us know how your using the new features on your site in the comments below!  If you have any problems or questions, we encourage you to ask in the support forums and we’ll respond as quickly as possible.

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How is Event Espresso More than a WordPress Calendar?

Wordpress Calendar

WordPress Calendar

If your organization has events, and your website is powered by WordPress, you’ve probably been looking for a WordPress calendar plugin to list your events. You need to make it easy for your customers to find your upcoming events, and that’s what a WordPress calendar does. The Event Espresso WordPress calendar plugin includes month, week, and day views and you can customize the WordPress calendar to fit your site’s style by editing the CSS style sheet. You can display events that span several days, recurring events, and you can color code your category of events so a customer can easily read your calendar and know which events they are most interested.

The power of a WordPress calendar really kicks in when customers can also buy a ticket for your upcoming events – that’s where Event Espresso comes in handy. With Event Espresso, you can list all your events on your WordPress calendar and facilitate your customers to register for your events, right from your WordPress website.  Collect and store the information of your registrants, collect payments, send confirmation emails, and even create spill-over events if your one event gets full. You can create seating limits, custom registration pages to ask the questions you need and so much more.

When you are looking for a WordPress calendar, we hope that you’ll recognize that your calendar can be more than a calendar page of events. Your WordPress Calendar, when integrated with Event Espresso, can facilitate your event registration (let people buy tickets to your events), and you can be more profitable.

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