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Are you great at what you do?

Are you a talented engineer, designer, project manager, or support technician with WordPress experience, excellent time management skills, and have an eye for detail? We’re always on the hunt for great talent. If you’re interested in being part of our team, check out our current openings and email us at and tell us why.

Would we want to work together from anywhere in the world?

These are the TYPE of people we’re looking for. Would you like to be part of our team?

Collaborators – At Event Espresso we all have our own assignments and deadlines but we’re very collaborative and help each other when we can or when it’s needed. We prefer people who are willing to offer their advice to a colleague or customer rather than mind their own business. We err on the side of over-communicating.

Doers – Do you see a list of things that need to be done and feel the urge to get the work checked off your list? Are you committed to what you are responsible for doing? Can you stay focused on the task at hand to get things done quickly and thoroughly? At Event Espresso you won’t be pushing paper or making copies, you will be responsible and accountable for doing cool things that matter.

Perfectionists – Do you more often say: “Hey, it would be cool if this did that or if we did this!” or are you more likely to say “Let’s stay focused and get this finished and released then build upon it.”? There is a time and place for both approaches but we’d prefer to underpromise and over deliver. We encourage innovation and leadership every day (see below), but uncontrolled feature creep can derail projects. At Event Espresso, we want perfectionists who get the job done right the first time, then build from there.

Leaders –  Do you get involved, or prefer to observe? There’s no limit on who (or how many) can play the leadership game so we’re looking for people who can take a stand for our customers and the WordPress industry to help raise the bar.

Innovators – Have you ever offered a feedback to a company about how you think they can improve their product or do you just get disgruntled and quit using the product or leave a bad review? We like people who have a vision for how to make things better. That might include suggesting changes to our internal processes that can make us more efficient or connect with a plugin or theme author and recommend ways that can make their product and Event Espresso work together better. If you’ve got ideas, we like to discuss them.

Helpful – Are you looking to do the minimum or do you prefer to do the most you can to make people happy? Think about how you treat customers and colleagues–would they call you helpful? It should go without saying that good customer service can make or break a business and that’s our expectation for everyone on our team. We expect that you treat everyone like how you would like to be treated.

Personalities – Do you raise Llamas, like to go camping, despise cell phones, etc.? We’re glad that we’re all different, and as long as you’re not too distracting you’re encouraged to be yourself.

How we hire

It’s all pretty simple. After we receive your email we’ll: 1) review your application, 2) reply whether we’d like to have a phone interview, 3) make the formal offer via email.

We’re always on the hunt for great talent. If you’re interested in being part of our team, submit your application at and tell us why.

Current Openings

Would you like to work on an application with tens of thousands of users that also powers hundreds of millions of ticket sales a year? Would you like to participate in the next generation of development for the Event Espresso and Event Smart brand websites? If you are ready to make a real difference to the face of event ticketing and registration, then this is your chance.

PHP Developer

Event Espresso ( is hiring a PHP that can support and improve our event registrations and ticket sales plugin for WordPress and our SaaS application Event Smart ( This PHP developer position will assist with engineering projects including bug fixes, building new features, and writing unit and e2e tests.


  • Contribute code, lead discussions on resolving challenges.
  • Perform code reviews, to examine and recommend changes or improvements to other developer’s code pull requests.
  • Identify/debug conflicts with other themes or plugins.
  • Escalates issues to senior support staff and engineering as needed.
  • Improves performance and efficiencies by identifying problems; recommending changes.
  • Help test code changes and new features.


4+ years experience with the following:

  • English communication, avoiding jargon, and making technical language easy to understand.
  • Setting up WordPress websites from scratch, using and supporting WordPress plugins and themes. Installing and configuring WordPress on your own computer.
  • Using WordPress hooks (actions and filters).
  • Reading, writing, and editing PHP, HTML, CSS, some Javscript
  • Experience debugging a conflict by enabling and using WP_DEBUG to get any notices/warnings/errors.
  • jQuery and JavaScript
  • Maintaining (component library, styles and themes, unit + e2e tests, documentation)
  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • WordPress plugin development
  • WordPress CLI
  • Unit and functionality testing
  • Grunt/node
  • extensive experience with modern Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) best practices
  • Version Control (git)
  • Computer science degree or equivalent, Masters degree preferred.

Generally, you should have great problem-solving skills, be self-motivated, curious to learn and grow and have the ability to work remotely with full dedication (high activity level required).

Additional Skills

  • Great communication whether via zoom, chat, forum, or emojis
  • Give and accept peer review in a casual yet professional manner
  • Desire to work hard and have fun with a great tEEm

General Details

We give our team a lot of autonomy, but we are also very collaborative. You must be focused and self-motivated, have solid planning skills, and have basic marketing and customer skills.

Please email us if you have any questions.

Trial to Hire

A paid trial will help you understand what it is like to work at Event Espresso. During this time, you’ll have a small project that you’ll work on in addition to daily tasks such as following up with customers that are interested in our events solution. A trial period will help you understand what is expected of the role. Each week, you’ll have a check-in with a team member who will coach you to find your strengths and answer any questions that you may have.

The time commitment for a paid trial is flexible at part-time or full-time and lasts about one month.

* This is a contract role. Full-time or Part-time available. Compensation is based upon experience and performance.

How to Apply:

Complete this online job application.

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