My business growth has been amazing. I started with one paint studio in April 2012 (the first independent BYOB paint studio in PA) and didn’t actually turn a profit that first year. Early 2013 I leased an adjoining suite in my complex, allowing me to host 2 parties at the same time. In November 2013 I found another space to lease in a nearby town, which included a main studio and a smaller party room. Then in December 2014 we began our mobile paint party unit, where we bring the party to our customers in their home, business or any venue they secure.
Basically, what this means is that in 3 years I went from running up to 7 parties per weekend (Fri. night – Sun. night) to running up to 33 parties per weekend. My sales for 2014 were $540,000+. It boggles my mind sometimes. I don’t know how I would possibly keep this all straight without my¬†Event Espresso registration system which allows my guests to register and pay online, and keeps track of everything for me.

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