2022 WordPress Black Friday & Cyber Monday — Top Deals and Discounts

Event Espresso black friday and cyber monday sale

The best is indeed reserved for the last. As the year is ending, it’s now time to get the best deals on your favorite WordPress event plugins. Here at Event Espresso, we offer you nothing but the best during our only holiday sale of the year.

Event Espresso is your all-in-one event manager for every type of event. Whether you are hosting your next fundraising gala, or your annual highschool reunion, Event Espresso will take care of your registration and ticketing needs. Just check out what our loyal customers have to say.

The great thing about Event Espresso is how flexible it is. The two sites I’ve used it on had very different event setups and different requirements for how the ticketing process needed to work. One I was able to do with just the basic Event Espresso setup. The other I was able to do using some of the plugins available for Event Espresso. –Adam Tervort

Regardless if you’re getting Event Espresso for the first time, want to renew your subscription, or want to upgrade, today is the best time to:

– Save 25% off new support licenses

– 50% off add-ons

– Upgrade to the Everything License and get credit for what you have already paid + the 25% discount

🎉Additional Support License Keys for 25% Less

Do you want to use Event Espresso on another website? We can add another license key to your account with a 25% discount + the renewal discount you already have! That means you can save $30-$120 for another license. That’s at least a 37.5% discount!

🌟 More Add-ons = More Power for 50% Less

When you want Event Espresso to save you more time and money, automate processes, and generally do more for you, then buying add-ons for 50% off is a strong move.

💪 Upgrade to the Everything or Business License

Like you, people often start off using Event Espresso with the Personal License. And over time, most people upgrade to the Everything or Business Licenses as they realize that they want more tools to help with their events. If you already have the Personal License and you are ready to get access to all the add-ons we offer now, including access to the add-ons we offer in the future while your support license is active, then contact us and we can help you upgrade with a 25% discount.

Offers end on December 1, 2022 at 11:59 PM MT (UTC -7:00). Discounts cannot be applied retroactively. Check out our 2022 Black Friday & Cyber Monday sale page right now to take advantage of these deals!

I have been using Event Espresso on my website 9energies for the last 4 years. I also worked as a developer and used it on any site that required integrated event management. I have always been super impressed by how quickly I get support. It has been both reliable and functional. I have run over 350 events through Event Espresso. –Susan Fisher

💪 25% Off Today, 30% Off Next Year, Lock In Your Prices Forever

We reward good behavior. Purchase Event Espresso today and get 25% off, and next year when you automatically renew, we will automatically give you a 30% discount. So, for example, if you purchase the Everything License today you’ll save $90 off the retail price, and next year you’ll save $108 off the retail price today. Plus you can lock in your prices for as long as you keep your license active.

Top WordPress Deals this Black Friday and Cyber Monday

There are still a ton of great deals for the WordPress community this Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Check out those amazing discounts below.


WPXPO offers finely WordPress plugins that include PostX, ProductX, and WholesaleX. Enjoy up to 70% discounts this Black Friday for all agency bundles and plugins. The discounts are will be automatically applied without the hassle of coupon codes.

Discount: Up to 70%

Coupon code: Auto-applied

Validity: November 10 to December 02, 2022

Discount page: https://www.wpxpo.com/offer/

WP Dark Mode

WP Dark Mode is the best dark mode and social sharing plugin for WordPress, with 20,000+ active installations. It enables a stunning dark-mode version of your website without any coding. With 19 attractive floating switch buttons and 13 dark mode color presets, and social sharing, this is a must-have plugin for any WordPress website. 

Discount: Up to 83%

Coupon code: Auto-applied

Validity: November 22 to November 30, 2022

Discount page: https://wppool.dev/wp-dark-mode-pricing/


FooPlugins builds and supports WordPress plugins that are designed to provide solutions for WordPress users. This popular gallery plugin has stunning gallery layouts, and is responsive, retina-ready, lightning-fast and easy to use.

Discount: Up to 30%

Coupon code: FooBFCM

Validity: November 16 to November 30, 2022

Discount page: https://fooplugins.com/black-friday/


Astra is a lightweight WordPress theme ideal for building any type of website. With over 1.6 million users, Astra is the most popular theme in the WordPress ecosystem. It offers an ever-growing library of pre-built Starter Templates created with your favorite page builders. 

Astra Pro comes with addons like custom layouts, mega menus, sticky headers and advanced benefits like priority support. 

Discount: Up to 50% off and Macbook Air giveaway

Coupon Code: Auto-applied

Validity: November 22 to December 2, 2022

Discount page: https://wpastra.com/pricing

Simple Author Box

Simple Author Box is a simple plugin that adds an entirely responsive author box at the end of your posts. As the name suggests, it is simple, yet it nevertheless has various customizable features that are likely to satisfy even the most demanding of users.

Discount: Up to 60%

Coupon Code: bf2022

Validity: Until December 5, 2022

Discount page: https://wpauthorbox.com/

Mighty Themes

MightyThemes is one of the best WordPress Theme and Plugin shop to come up with all the responsive WordPress themes and fully functional WordPress Plugins.

Get a 60% flat discount on the Mighty Themes plugin. The discount is also applicable on lifetime plans as well. Here are the plugins you should add to your cart this Black Friday.

– Mighty Add-ons – An Elementor plugin that helps you power up Elementor page builder with its 45+ Widgets and Extensions, 200+ ready-to-use blocks, 50+ Readymade template kits.

– Mighty Frequently Bought Together –  A WooCommerce plugin that helps you to add product recommendations in order to increase the average order value.

– Mighty WooCommerce Review for Discount – The plugins help you to increase your product reviews and sales by offering discounts in exchange for product reviews.

– Mighty WooCommerce Pre-order – The plugin helps you to sell your out-of-stock products or those products which are not available yet.

Discount: Up to 60%

Coupon Code: Auto-applied

Validity: November 5 to December 6, 2022

Discount page: https://mightythemes.com/wordpress-black-friday/


Whether you are selling WooCommerce products, offering courses, or simply trying to generate leads – WPFunnels helps you create effective sales funnels visually on your own.

This holiday season, use this reliable WordPress funnel builder to guide your prospects through special offers and make them spend more.

Check out the amazing features of WPFunnels:

  • Custom Landing Pages & Checkout Page Layouts.
  • Order Bump Offers during checkout.
  • One-click Upsell & Downsell Offers after checkout.
  • Conditional WooCommerce Funnels with Dynamic Offers.
  • Built-in Opt-in Form to Collect Leads.
  • LMS Funnels for LearnDash Courses.
  • Integration with major Automation & CRM Tools.
  • A/B Split Testing for every funnel step.

Discount: Up to 40%

Coupon Code: Auto-applied

Validity: November 16 to December 5, 2022

Discount page: https://getwpfunnels.com/pricing/?utm_source=jahir-BFCM&utm_medium=button&utm_campaign=roundup&utm_id=Black


PluginEver is a leading software development company specializing in crafting WooCommerce plugins. 

This year (2022), PluginEver is throwing off massive 60% discounts on all the premium WooCommerce extensions on the occasion of Black Friday & Cyber Monday. 

  • Premium WooCommerce Extension/Plugin List:
  • WooCommerce Serial Numbers – The best serial number generator and license key manager.
  • WooCommerce Min Max Quantities –  The best quantity and price restriction plugin.
  • WooCommerce Checkout Files Upload – The most friendly custom checkout file uploader plugin.
  • WooCommerce B2B – The most compatible and user-friendly wholesale plugin ever.
  • WooCommerce Cart Report – The streamlined analytics report plugin for keeping track of WooCommerce abandoned carts and products.
  • WooCommerce Lead Time –  The ideal plugin for displaying accurate lead time information.
  • WooCommerce Category Slider – The best category slider plugin for showing product categories in a dynamic slider.
  • WooCommerce Category Showcase – The best category showcase plugin to show product categories in static grids.
  • Exclusive Deal: WooCommerce Bundle – Includes all our 8 WooCommerce Extensions in one package. 

***Get 60% OFF on Our WooCommerce Bundle too!***

Discount: Flat 60% OFF

Coupon Code: BFCM60

Validity: November 20 to December 30, 2022

Discount page: https://pluginever.com/plugins/


Rewards resonate with your customers, and improve brand affinity. Create a successful reward program with the right plugins.  Points and Rewards for WooCommerce is a well-built plugin that helps you run a reward program and reward customers with points conversion, fixed discounts, a percentage discount, free shipping and free products. 

You can reward customers for any action like signing up, purchasing a product, order value, spending pattern, referrals, social shares, reviews and more. Points and Rewards for WooCommerce help you run your BFCM marketing campaign successfully. Rewards build loyalty, and loyalty generates repeat purchases. Take advantage of our Black Friday Deals as well.

Discount: Up to 30%

Coupon Code: BFCM30

Validity: Lasts till 05 Dec 2022 

Discount page: https://wployalty.net/black-friday-cyber-monday-deals

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