How the Active Training Network uses Event Espresso For Their Online Registrations For Training Courses

Are you searching for an event registration system for your training courses or workshops? In this success story, we highlight the Active Training Network to learn more about how they use Event Espresso to promote their extensive list of training programs and to automate the course registration process for their attendees.

Meet the Active Training Network

The Active Training Network is an approved training centre for IOSH health & safety training courses. They deliver a wide range regulated training courses (RQF) in Lifeguard, First Aid and Health & Safety. Courses can be delivered onsite or candidates can join in courses being delivered at one of the training venues.

The Active Training Network delivers regulated qualifications through the following awarding organisations, Institute of Qualified Lifeguards – IQL, Swimming Teachers’ Association – Safety Training Awards, Qual Safe Awards.

Though the nature of their training requires that their courses are attended in person, they also provide some online and blended training opportunities due to the recent health pandemic.

How the Active Training Network uses Event Espresso


Here is what they had to say about why they selected Event Espresso for their events:


“We are a training provider and I needed a platform where I was able to take bookings online and also promote my business and services which I offered and when I looked into what was on offer on the market Event Espresso was ideal for what my business needs, it’s straightforward and easy to add information to and the customers find it easy to book onto the courses.”


Here we take a step by step look at how an attendee can find and register for their courses.

The Active Training Network offers a variety of training courses which they organize using Event Espresso Categories to help customers navigate to topics of interest. They’ve organized these categories in multiple places, setting up a drop down menu in the main site navigation menu and also they’ve placed a sidebar menu in their site pages so that you can easily access the different training events from multiple navigation menus  on their website.

Event Categories displayed in the main navigation menu:


Event Categories displayed in the sidebar:


Once a link is selected from the list of course options, a user will then find all of the event details provided on a dedicated event page.

Here is a look at an event page describing details about the event and allows the attendee to begin the registration process.


Most of the ticketing and registration options that the Active Training Network uses are very simple, and just require setting up one ticket option with limited quantity options in the advanced ticket settings. This will ensure that they keep their classes small and they do not overbook their courses.

After a user selects the class and ticket quantity to purchase and then clicks on the Register Now button, they are guided through the rest of the event checkout process which includes completing the registration form questions and then on the payment and confirmation.

The user selects ticket quantity and then clicks Register Now to complete the registration:


Next they will be directed to the registration form to complete any required questions



Lastly, the user moves on the complete the registration by proceeding to the payment options:


Though there are many different types of online payment options, this customer is using PayPal integrated with Event Espresso to accept online payments. (Note: the Active Training Network chose an integration with PayPal where the attendee pays on the PayPal website and is referred back to the Active Training Network website once they’ve paid (the Active Training Network website > PayPal > the Active Training Network website), and other payment options are available that can keep your customers on your website while processing payments.) 

Once the user has landed on the PayPal option, they can select from one of the two options to either login to their own PayPal account and complete the checkout process; or if the user does not have a PayPal account, they can pay with a debit or credit card using the Guest Checkout option.

PayPal checkout options to proceed as a logged in PayPal user or Guest Checkout with Debit or Credit Card:


As seen here, this is an example of using the “Pay with Debit or Credit Card” option, which then directs the user to the PayPal Guest Checkout page [no login required].



Once the user has completed the checkout process through PayPal they will be directed to their registration confirmation page. An automated Registration Approval message will then be sent to finalize the registration process. 

The Event Espresso team has enjoyed working with the Active Training Network to power their training course event registration with WordPress.

Learn more about how to set up virtual or in-person training courses with Event Espresso:




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