This is not a promotion

We have had reports that some Event Espresso users do not receive our email messages. Google has introduced Tabs into Gmail that may have misfiled Event Espresso emails into the “Promotions” tab they created. You should take action now to place this Event Espresso email into your Primary tab in Gmail (video).

We regularly send emails to to keep you informed about:

  • Updates to the Event Espresso software
  • Updates to your support forum conversations
  • Updates to your support email conversations
  • Updates to your sales email conversations
  • Your account and support license
  • Maintenance to the website
  • Industry news and events

It is for your benefit to place this Event Espresso’s email into your Primary tab in Gmail (video). You want to be aware of what is happening at Event Espresso and how we can help you be successful.

Our Responsibility

It is our responsibility to keep you informed of updates and changes to the products and service you use to run your events. We always want to earn and maintain your trust, so we only send you these messages with your permission.

We attempt to keep our word by using several methods and technology, including:

If you have ideas about how we can better communicate with each other, please contact us or leave a comment below.

Your Responsibility

Please ensure that you do not inadvertently dismiss our messages to keep you informed, and that Google doesn’t interfere with our relationship. That’s it! 🙂

If you have additional feedback about how we can do better to keep you informed please contact us or leave a comment below.


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