Major Release Update: Event Espresso 4.4.0.p Now Available

Event Espresso IconThis major release for Event Espresso 4 brings a couple new features but many enhancements and fixes. We’ve added the ability to customize the ticket selector (via filter), a button for attendees to resend their payment or registration emails from the thank you page, raised the PHP version requirement to 5.3+ for 4.4+, allow date and time localization (i18n), and more.

Please backup your website before making any changes.
EE4.4 self-deactivates if your PHP version is less than PHP 5.3, please see Raising the PHP Requirements for Event Espresso 4.
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New Features

Notable Enhancements

  • Raising the php requirements to 5.3+
    Customers can always download and install EE 4.3.2, from the pre-release channel within your account, which is compatible with PHP 5.2 until they can find a better web host.
  • Add filters to change date and time localization (i18n)
  • Adding theme conditionals and template tags
  • Add Bank Draft (EFT) to payment options listed in refunds screen
  • Create “template_tags.php” File For Holding ALL Template Tags
  • Send the Event Name with shopping cart info to PayPal Standard
  • Move all publicly editable templates, assets, etc into a “Public” folder within the plugin root

Notable Fixes

  • ESPRESSO_EVENTS shortcodes params getting overwritten
  • Usage of do_shortcode() with EE shortcodes in templates
  • Maintenance Mode for visitors appearing as a blank page
  • Ticket editor ticket limit (max_input_vars)
  • Invoice showing registration details for extra registration groups in reverse order
  • Month property not working in event shortcodes
For a complete history of updates and changes to EE4 and the EE4-compatible add-ons, see the change log for Event Espresso 4.

Updating to Event Espresso 4.4.0.p

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