Cyber Monday Sale: Save Up To 50% Off!

Event Espresso Cyber Monday Sale
We don’t offer discounts very often, and in early 2014 fees will be higher, so this really is your best opportunity to get Event Espresso for the lowest price. Offer ends December 3, 2013.

Check out our Cyber Monday Prices which were sent to our Newsletter subscribers. You must use the links in our newsletter to get the discount(s).

If you did not receive an email notification about our Cyber Monday Sale, you should subscribe to the Event Espresso newsletter for important news and special offers like this at the bottom of our website.

16 thoughts on “Cyber Monday Sale: Save Up To 50% Off!

    • Hi Angelique,

      Yes, if you just setup an account then you should have received the discount. I’ve replied to your email so we can take care of this for you.

  1. HI mblair,

    We didn’t include the Infusionsoft Integration in the email but use this link to get 50% off:

  2. ooops, I already bought it. Should I buy again using the link or can you change it on your end? I also want to buy the Recurring Dropdown custom template but I’m only seeing info on it but not a link.

  3. We can either give you an extra year or I can refund you tomorrow once the transaction has been processed? Let me know.

  4. When I get to the BUY page it only shows the following Premium templates for sales:
    Additional premium templates are available for purchase separately, such as:

    Vector Maps
    Calendar Table
    Date Range

    I want to get the Recurring Dropdown one but that’s not on the list. I don’t see anywhere that I can buy it. Instead of refunding me, can you just add that one to my account? I don’t save as much but it seems easier. OK with you?

    • Hi mblair,

      The Recurring Dropdown and Masonry Grid templates are not quite available (hopefully this week), so sorry for the confusion. How would you like to proceed? Email so we can get it clarified in a little more private fashion.

  5. I Just placed an order for the Business License, I’m a renewing customer. I pressed submit, but the browser displayed the same page instead of Thanks for your order. Can you confirm you received the order ok.

    Its for Kellyco.

    • Hi Ray,

      How are you today? I sent you an email to follow up.

    • Hi Tommy,

      Anytime you are logged-in to your account and purchase a support license your account is extended another 12 months beyond what it was already. So, if you purchase or renew your support license today your license would be extended until August 28, 2014. When your account is within 30 days of expiring you will receive: 1) messages or notices on your account page explaining that your license is about to expire, 2) several email notifications about your license expiring, and 3) a special price to renew which is at least the same discount as is available during the Cyber Monday sale (if not greater). Does that help?

      So, you don’t have to renew now

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