What is Event Espresso? (video)

We are happy to announce that we have finally released a video that explains everything about the best online event registration and ticketing plugin for WordPress.

We have a hard time explaining to even our family what we do, so we knew that a great video about Event Espresso could help us explain how we can help event organizers be successful and more profitable. We decided against highlighting just a certain feature or benefit, so we’re curious about what strikes you as you watch it.

Want to know more about Event Espresso? Check out our video and tell us what you think!

We would like to thank Megan Levens and the team at Secret Powers, who looked at the features on our website, listened to our ideas, created a script, and drew some really cool looking robots. Then created animations, recorded voice overs (with Christopher Sabat), and listed to our feedback, to create the awesome video  you see above.

Thanks again everyone for watching and we hope you stay tuned for more!

Can you tell us what part of the video was  most impactful or important?

2 thoughts on “What is Event Espresso? (video)

  1. I can’t make event espresso work at all. For instance, how do you make the calendar appear on the wp pages?

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