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[EVENT_LIST] shortcode not working after updated to Ver 3.1.23.P

I just updated Espresso Calendar to V 2.0.1 and Event Espresso to version 3.1.23P. The Calendar update works fine, although it changed th...
3replies started by Roger Rueff
Last reply: 2012-06-20 08:01:54
by joshfeck

adding short code info to widget.php

Hey all, I'm looking to add info from a shortcode to information which is already pulled on widget.php. Specifically, I'm looking to add...
2replies started by Colin Lochhead
Last reply: 2012-06-14 15:43:46
by feelingp

Embeding [EVENT-LIST] in template

Is there a way of embedding [EVENT_LIST limit=1] in my template with an echo statement? I am trying to insert into a text widget and despite...
3replies started by Brett Golding
Last reply: 2012-06-12 11:31:05
by joshfeck

Combing Category with Month Short Code

Is it possible for me to list events only in a specific category and within a specific month and year? Hench combining the short codes....
1replies started by Brett Golding
Last reply: 2012-06-07 10:17:52
by joshfeck


Is it possible to have multiple category identifiers? Let's say I want both [ESPRESSO_TABLE max_days="365" qty="100" category_identifier="c...
1replies started by Nick Kissel
Last reply: 2012-06-06 15:50:23
by joshfeck

Calendar Dates not showing correctly

I have start and end dates for all my events. On the calendar the end date shows one day early. For example an event starts on June 22md a...
1replies started by Dotty Scott
Last reply: 2012-06-01 19:19:18
by Dotty

Is there a way to include the ticket PDF itself in confirmation email?

Hi! I have the mobile ticketing addon, and i wish to include the ticked PDF itself in my confirmation email, not having the user click a ...
1replies started by Theodor Skippervold
Last reply: 2012-05-28 14:43:42
by joshfeck

retrieving EE_META info in espresso_table.php?

I'm trying to update espresso_table.php to show some of my custom field data, and so inside the foreach statement that prints out the table ...
5replies started by Laura Hammond
Last reply: 2012-05-24 14:49:32
by chris

Short code in wordpress post just shows up as raw text

Hello. When I post shortcodes in the wordpress post, the code just comes back as regular text, not as interpreted by Event Espresso. See ...
3replies started by Robert Parkinson
Last reply: 2012-05-22 21:29:29
by joshfeck

show 2 of 3 categories on one calendar

i have 3 categories to display. one is an adult class, the other two are kids classes separated by age. i'd like to show only the 2 kids cat...
1replies started by Brian Deevers
Last reply: 2012-05-11 17:05:55
by joshfeck