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EE4 is now available; a new special blend of Event Espresso.

Welcome Events Calendar Users

A Special Version of Event Espresso Lite…

… Just for You.

The Events Calendar plugin author is no longer able to provide support for the Events Calendar and recommends Event Espresso as a replacement.

Event Espresso Lite (FREE) enables you to create events on your website. You can create events, manage registrations, set limits on how many people can attend events, send confirmation emails, and even accept payments with PayPal. As an option you can create registration forms and require people to register OR not show a registration form at all and just list your event(s) on the calendar without requiring any registration for events.

Our Events Calendar Add-on allows you to post your events to a calendar where users can filter your events by Month/Day/Week views. When events are published they automatically appear on your calendar.

Using Event Espresso and our Calendar add-on together should give you many of the same features you’re use to and more.

By default the Event Espresso Events Calendar can not be used with Event Espresso Lite (FREE). However, we’ve configured a special version of Event Espresso Lite and the Event Espresso Events Calendar so you CAN use them together.

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What is Event Espresso?


Getting Started with Event Espresso Lite


I recently downloaded it to add to a nonprofit site for a Boy Scout troop and the features work wonderfully with what we wanted to accomplish for the site. It allows us to set up calendar, events, and even take payments for trips. At first, I thought that it would be overkill for such a small site, but now I see the possibilities and will definitely be offering Event Espresso to my clients that need an event organization system for their web sites.

Lucy Conn

Lucy Conn
Troop 462


Any Questions?

If you have questions, please contact us in theĀ Event Espresso Lite forum or Pre-sales forum.

Premium features of our Events Calendar add-on (not included in the lite version) are tool tips (to show more event detail), color coded events by category, featured images in the tool tips and/or calendar cells, and much more. Take a look at our features and add-ons for more informaiton.